Senin, 26 Desember 2011

Joy to The Nails, Merry Christmas!

"Santa baby, slip a sable under the tree, for me
I've been an awful good girl
Santa baby, and hurry down the chimney tonight.."
Merry Christmasss for everyone of you who celebrate it! ho ho ho
Whatcha get from Santa this year? I dont get any so i make my own present, i make my nails feel the xmas atmosphere, lovely <3

But it's maybe a lil bit late, i was about not to make any nail-painting or nail-arting into my nails because my right index finger is cracked. But last night one of my friend showed me SoHee unnie's christmas nails at twitter.. so cuteee >,,< so i decide to make my own one..

This is SoHee unnie's xmas nails, pretty :D

And after that i googled to see some other designs of xmas nail-arting, and i got soooo many cute designs that i may used onto my nails. I almostly cray-cray to download each of every design i got and wanna try it all :p

This is the-almost-everyone-xmas-nails, they're red and green and also white. But most of the dominated by red.. Santa's colour :)

1. White and silver snow-flakes in red nails.
2. Santa's reindeer, gingerbread, snowmen, and snow itself, you cant resist the xmas atmosphere here :D
3. Simply it may inspired by santa's costume (hat)
4. Abstractly blends sants, christmas tree, and snow here -- red, green, and white.
5. It's so cuteee! Santa's costume is just putted into the nails. You can see the belt, ho-ho-ho
6. Christmas' candy cane, pretty <3

And these are the nails that not dominated by red, but its kinda inspired by the snow. White colours and snow flakes, nothing's better than white christmas ;)

And my eyes also cant resist the pretty designs i found just now. It's a christmas nails designs but it's not dominated by red, green, and not even white, they're pink, blue, and gold!

white and blue christmas nails

pink snow-flakes nails & golden santa's nails

And the last ones, i dont know how to call it but it's just toooo cute!
Every single thing you have on christmas is also on your nails :D

So, after having a long time googled, last night i made my very own christmas nails-art..
i wanna make it abstractly but people can feel it. I dont want to draw santa or snowman or christmas trees on my nails but i just put and blend the colours so when people see it they can feel the red as santa, white as the snow, and green as the christmas tree..
Here they are... :)

 The right and left hand.. I make both of them dominated by red :)

The ornaments i put into my nails are just 4 stickers, 2 in the left and 2 in the right.
Bows and leafs i choose for my index and ring fingers.

And this is what happened to my right index finger.. :(
I cant make it grow instantly so i just make it like the other nails but it look weird because it's so short T_T

 Can find the differences between my right and left nails? ;)
i make it almost the same i just change the ornament position.


No more will sin and sorrow grow, Nor thorns infest the ground.. He'll come and make the blessings flow. Far as the curse was found, far as the curse was found, far as, far as the curse was found..

He rules the world with truth and grace, dnd gives to nations proof.. the glories of His righteousness and wonders of His love. And wonders of His love... And wonders, wonders of His love...

Merry Christmas, everyone!
Dont miss this moment to make your nails as pretty as you can ;)

Minggu, 20 November 2011

Edward and Bella Cullen wedding nails

Our Edward and Bella is gonna be married.
Have you watched Breaking Dawn already? i think its gonna be a gooood movie even so many people say it was the worst Saga ever fufufu i just so into their story :))

Do you get the invitation?
because they send me this... :p

How should i look ?
I should be looked like one of the vampires so am not gonna be eaten :))
Black coctail dress, red shoes, red lips, and red nails is gonna be perfect...

I hope my Bloody Valentine nails wont make my hands and feet look delicious *__*

I'm ready for the party now, are you?

Rabu, 16 November 2011

f(x) effection and my collection

Seems like i still got an effect from F(X)'s Hot Summer ha-ha :))
i make kinda Krystal's polka tops in Hot Summer MV, here they are!
(and, by the way, why i put my nails on this architect book i found at the library? -___-)

Lemme introduce you my inspiration this timeeee.. uri Jung Soo Jung :D

And anyway since a very very long time ago i really wanna show you some of the nail-polishes i have. I really have a tiny collections, a very little number of nail polishes, so ehmmm, please just dont expect too much :))

1. the all team, kkkk, i mean all of my collection :)

2. The shorties team -- the nail polishes i bought at Stroberry Store

3. The tall team -- nail polishes i bought at Revlon

4. The other one (sucha bad name -,,-) -- nail polishes i bought at O.P.I. and Oriflame

Some of my friends, Olga and Tiqi have already tried my O.P.I. nail polished, did by me, 5 minutes at campus and VOILA! Its done (i hope) well :p
and this one is Tiqi's with my O.P.I. and the stars on each nail ;)
am still searching Olga's but i cant find any in my blackberry and either at my laptop so am going to add it in this post next timeeee, so sorry yah beb :* fufufu

Sabtu, 01 Oktober 2011

Lace - Heart - Pink and 소녀시대

Helloooo i comeback!
After a very long break of writing, i finally touch this blog..
It's about a month that i dont do any post, isnt it? And i've already changed my nail arts for a couple time an now i'll post the newest one :D

I really heart this one since it's affected by snsd's comeback concept that also gonna be released this october..

Its all about the boys' concept, it's laces and i put calm dazzled colors there.
While, it's not only affected by the boys', it's also inspired by the birthday present given by my very best girlsss :3
You now it's of course pink and also laces there! and the heart shape, i dont think it can be cuter anymore >,,<

These are my-very-me goods i bought and got this month :D

So i started to combine both things i really love, the boys concept and my 20th birthday present!
It's now: dazzling, dark-pink (kinda purple), heart shaped, and laces :)

I really love how the heart shape and the lace stick each other and combined with the pink colors.
Anyway, i really love the korean sweater my mom bought for me as the background of the pictures. They just looked fine, i dunno why :p

I dunno why i just like to put my nails on my goods.. :))

And this is it, thank you Tissa, Lila, Tsania :***** kissesss and bucha hug i send to y'all girls :**

Rabu, 24 Agustus 2011

Hot Summer ah-hot-hot-summer!

I've just done with my new nails and ready to share em :D

Recently am fallin in LOVE with F(X) Hot Summer :3
They're also SM's girlband just like my favorite SNSD <3

i love the song, i love the tank, i love their costumes...
Simply i'm fallin in love with the concept!

can't take my eyes off of the black pink tank!

their hot pink concept is also my favorite! >,,<

So i just cant handle not to make my nails looks like 'em..
i make it black-pink just like the tank :D
but to make it simple i make it pink with black dots..

And ummm.. one of my junior school best friend is gonna continue her study at France,
so me and my bestfriends decide to make a scrap-book for her :3

i really like this part, the colorfull ribbon simply make it pretty <3

I collect the old photos and put it on the book.
 Looks sooooooo old, but we might miss that moments..
 Hope Dila will like it :")

My hot summer nails need 3 types of nail polishes.
1. base & top coat
2. Hot pink nail polish
3. black nail polish fot the dots

After doing some google searching i find a blog that make a Hot-Summer-Nail also, in it's just awe-so-me!
You can open it here --> Hot-Summer-Nails

Here's the picture, she make the pretty one! and it's not as simple as mine, her nails have different color for each fingers that describe each member of F(x) in Hot Summer video clip, and if you want to see the MV here's the link :) ----> Hot Summer MV

thumb : describe the TANK! and it may also LUNA's costume, because the color is also pink-black but i still think that it describes the tank, the hot pink-black stripe is just tooooo pretty!
index finger : it's SULLI's smiley red shirt >,,<
middle finger : Everybody knows it's KRYSTAL blue top with the white dots. Cute! <3
ring finger : i think it's AMBER reddish costume. I heart the heartttt :3
the little finger : describes our leader VICTORIA Eomma's costume :p
it's simply describe Vic's main costume :D