Kamis, 24 Maret 2011

Hello nails! ♥

Welcome to my official and only nail-arts blog :)
This is where i always share my newest nailarts designs that i make it on my own nails and also my friends'..

Ratih Mayang Anindita
was born in Yogyakarta, August 26, 1991
 has a huge obsession with nail-arts, design, asian-korean-fashion
- amateur & active nail-arts blogger -
- part time architecture student at Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia -
- full time SONE. Girls' Generation is my fashion orientation, nail-arts inspiration, and they got all of my adoration -


I started to love nail-art-ing since when i was in high school,
and i keep it until today and i never stop spread it to my friends and every single person who visit my page hehehe

So, if you're interested, have any question, suggestions, or you want me to make your nails just contact me for any nails-appoinment or anything.
I'm ready 24/7, like anytime! :D

And now you can also put an ads on my page, it would be at the side bar.
I welcome to everyone of you as my partner-to-be for free :)

Send me email at: mayang.nails@yahoo.com or
find me at bloggers.com
and also see ya on Facebook and Twitter.
And for the latest update of my daily manicure, you can
find me on Instagram.
I always post my nails on Instagram :)

Anyway, i will read every single comment and email, so just drop anything you like,
it's my pleasure to read and answer it.

                        Much loves,

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