Kamis, 24 Maret 2011

How it started....

I started to coloured and polish my nails since i was in junior high school. It was FUN! :3
Then i started to be crazy about it when i was in colege. I inspired by the korean girl band named Girls' Generation aka SNSD in Indonesia ;)

SNSD is a girl band from south korean. There're 9 gorgeous girls here. The leader TaeYeon and the 8 members ---- Tiffany (my favorite one! <3), Jessica, YoonA, Yuri, SooYoung, HyoYeon, Sunny, and the maknae SeoHyun.
I love every inch of these girls. Their nails are the part i love the most! They have a very very very very beautiful nail art and it's always the different one in every show! jjang! :D
(atas: sooyoung, tiffany, hyoyeon, seohyun, yuri, sunni,
bawah: taeyeon, yoona, jessica)

My second inspiration. But i think she's the nail arts' goddess!
The always lovely KATY PERRY! she never forget to post her new nail art to her twitter.

here is her twitter ---- @katyperry
they're aweeesoooome, like always!

if you want to have a catchy nails, you should look at hers.
and if you want the cute one, the pretty-korean or asian, you can see the snsd's :)

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