Rabu, 25 Mei 2011

The Dazzling Gifts

Helloooo! Long time no post yaaa.. For this long un-post-time, i already change my nails for a couple times.
I have the purple dazzling and a lil bit sparkling. The blue with lace. And now i've prepared for the extended one i bought from Singapore :)

This is the first one, the dazzling purple with the floral sticker, they are my anniversary nails >,,<
So i captured 'em with my annive-gifts from my boyfriend <3 <3 <3

And after a couple days i was going to Singapore and i got my nails were messed :( so i bought some plastic nails but i didnt wear em yet *till now on* :p there're the pretty plastic nailssss with my blue lacey nails and i picture of my messed nails at The Cocoa Trees, SG :)

 @ The Cocoa Trees, Singapore Intr. Harbour :9
My nails were already messed uuup :((

And here they are my new plastic nails, it cost about SG$ 7,5 :)

Am gonna try 'em soon, just waiting for the next post if you curious >,,<

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