Rabu, 24 Agustus 2011

Hot Summer ah-hot-hot-summer!

I've just done with my new nails and ready to share em :D

Recently am fallin in LOVE with F(X) Hot Summer :3
They're also SM's girlband just like my favorite SNSD <3

i love the song, i love the tank, i love their costumes...
Simply i'm fallin in love with the concept!

can't take my eyes off of the black pink tank!

their hot pink concept is also my favorite! >,,<

So i just cant handle not to make my nails looks like 'em..
i make it black-pink just like the tank :D
but to make it simple i make it pink with black dots..

And ummm.. one of my junior school best friend is gonna continue her study at France,
so me and my bestfriends decide to make a scrap-book for her :3

i really like this part, the colorfull ribbon simply make it pretty <3

I collect the old photos and put it on the book.
 Looks sooooooo old, but we might miss that moments..
 Hope Dila will like it :")

My hot summer nails need 3 types of nail polishes.
1. base & top coat
2. Hot pink nail polish
3. black nail polish fot the dots

After doing some google searching i find a blog that make a Hot-Summer-Nail also, in it's just awe-so-me!
You can open it here --> Hot-Summer-Nails

Here's the picture, she make the pretty one! and it's not as simple as mine, her nails have different color for each fingers that describe each member of F(x) in Hot Summer video clip, and if you want to see the MV here's the link :) ----> Hot Summer MV

thumb : describe the TANK! and it may also LUNA's costume, because the color is also pink-black but i still think that it describes the tank, the hot pink-black stripe is just tooooo pretty!
index finger : it's SULLI's smiley red shirt >,,<
middle finger : Everybody knows it's KRYSTAL blue top with the white dots. Cute! <3
ring finger : i think it's AMBER reddish costume. I heart the heartttt :3
the little finger : describes our leader VICTORIA Eomma's costume :p
it's simply describe Vic's main costume :D

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