Sabtu, 01 Oktober 2011

Lace - Heart - Pink and 소녀시대

Helloooo i comeback!
After a very long break of writing, i finally touch this blog..
It's about a month that i dont do any post, isnt it? And i've already changed my nail arts for a couple time an now i'll post the newest one :D

I really heart this one since it's affected by snsd's comeback concept that also gonna be released this october..

Its all about the boys' concept, it's laces and i put calm dazzled colors there.
While, it's not only affected by the boys', it's also inspired by the birthday present given by my very best girlsss :3
You now it's of course pink and also laces there! and the heart shape, i dont think it can be cuter anymore >,,<

These are my-very-me goods i bought and got this month :D

So i started to combine both things i really love, the boys concept and my 20th birthday present!
It's now: dazzling, dark-pink (kinda purple), heart shaped, and laces :)

I really love how the heart shape and the lace stick each other and combined with the pink colors.
Anyway, i really love the korean sweater my mom bought for me as the background of the pictures. They just looked fine, i dunno why :p

I dunno why i just like to put my nails on my goods.. :))

And this is it, thank you Tissa, Lila, Tsania :***** kissesss and bucha hug i send to y'all girls :**