Sabtu, 01 Oktober 2011

Lace - Heart - Pink and 소녀시대

Helloooo i comeback!
After a very long break of writing, i finally touch this blog..
It's about a month that i dont do any post, isnt it? And i've already changed my nail arts for a couple time an now i'll post the newest one :D

I really heart this one since it's affected by snsd's comeback concept that also gonna be released this october..

Its all about the boys' concept, it's laces and i put calm dazzled colors there.
While, it's not only affected by the boys', it's also inspired by the birthday present given by my very best girlsss :3
You now it's of course pink and also laces there! and the heart shape, i dont think it can be cuter anymore >,,<

These are my-very-me goods i bought and got this month :D

So i started to combine both things i really love, the boys concept and my 20th birthday present!
It's now: dazzling, dark-pink (kinda purple), heart shaped, and laces :)

I really love how the heart shape and the lace stick each other and combined with the pink colors.
Anyway, i really love the korean sweater my mom bought for me as the background of the pictures. They just looked fine, i dunno why :p

I dunno why i just like to put my nails on my goods.. :))

And this is it, thank you Tissa, Lila, Tsania :***** kissesss and bucha hug i send to y'all girls :**

2 komentar :

  1. WOW!!!! AMAZED!!!! Akhirnya nemu juga blogger indonesia yg ngebahas nail polish!!!! LOVE ALL OF YOUR WORK SO MUCH, MISS MAYANG!!!! Sayang diriku tak serajin dirimu... udah banyak foto arsip kuku tapi belum diupdate2 nih... thanks to my hell work!!

    Kapan2 main ke blog ku ya! I would love to study from your blog, your nail, inspire me! :)



  2. Heyyy finally i found someone with pretty nail blog from indonesia too! Hahaha how long have u been? I think am still newbie here :p

    I adore yer nails too,, its prettyyy keep it up too! ;))