Rabu, 16 November 2011

f(x) effection and my collection

Seems like i still got an effect from F(X)'s Hot Summer ha-ha :))
i make kinda Krystal's polka tops in Hot Summer MV, here they are!
(and, by the way, why i put my nails on this architect book i found at the library? -___-)

Lemme introduce you my inspiration this timeeee.. uri Jung Soo Jung :D

And anyway since a very very long time ago i really wanna show you some of the nail-polishes i have. I really have a tiny collections, a very little number of nail polishes, so ehmmm, please just dont expect too much :))

1. the all team, kkkk, i mean all of my collection :)

2. The shorties team -- the nail polishes i bought at Stroberry Store

3. The tall team -- nail polishes i bought at Revlon

4. The other one (sucha bad name -,,-) -- nail polishes i bought at O.P.I. and Oriflame

Some of my friends, Olga and Tiqi have already tried my O.P.I. nail polished, did by me, 5 minutes at campus and VOILA! Its done (i hope) well :p
and this one is Tiqi's with my O.P.I. and the stars on each nail ;)
am still searching Olga's but i cant find any in my blackberry and either at my laptop so am going to add it in this post next timeeee, so sorry yah beb :* fufufu

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