Selasa, 10 Januari 2012

Leopard Attacks. Pink and Wild.

I used to think that leopard's skin print for nails will makes me look a lil bit strange.
You know, animal print sometimes doesnt match for girl in my age. It's oftenly makes people look older and exclusive in the other hand.

But last week i saw some water transfer nail stickers in an online shop. Water transfer stickers are kind of temporarry tattoo/stickers for nails that needs water and hot temperature to be sticked to the nails.

And after looking for some pretty stickers my eyes catch some pink stickers and one of them is pink leopard print. Ah very pretty :D

So i decide to buy some and last night i tried to use it.. ummm a lil bit hard to make it really glued with the nails. Because it has to be wet to get it from the paper. But it needs to be dried to be sticked to the nails. Hotter the temperature, better it's glued with the nails. So if you have hairdryer you can use it as well, but it's better to use nail-dryer :)

This is how to apply water transfer stickers to your nails (hope my explanation is clear enough for you :P) :

1. Choose the stickers that match well with your size.
2. Cut out the pattern and plunge it into water 10-20 seconds (use warm water in winter)

3. Moisten the fingnails and stick the pattern in position.
4. Sop up the water and blow dry.
5. Cap with top coat and blow dry.

6. You can keep the stickers that left after you cut it.

 And this is how my nails look after they all done!
This is the first time i try this stickers so sorry if it's a lil bit awfull in some fingers *especially my right hand nails, so hard to cut the stickers by my left hand -___-*

 FYI, you can do everything normally, like shower, wash your hand, and typing also :p
because this stickers are glued well with the nails. I even think they're glued better than the 3D stickers i usually use before ;)

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