Selasa, 03 Januari 2012

Tutty Frutty Fimos, Starting the New Year

Happy new yeaaaaarr everyoneeee!
Ready to see my new nails?
In this early year, i try to use Fimo for my nails.. and they're cuteee!
But you need more patient to apply 'em to your nails, because you need to put the glue to the fimos then slowly stick the fimos into your nails.
and some nail polishes are hard to be glued with the fimo.
But it's worthed! They're so cute i just cant handle not to eat my nails, look so delicious! :p

FYI, Fimo is a high quality moulding clay that comes in a wide assortment of bold colours and is easy to turn into fun beads & nail art decorations.
There are thousands designs of fimo you can choose for your nails. They're not expensive and really pretty.

Some online shop sell Fimo in stick and slices.. 

And i buy fimo in slices because i'm still new at this..
You know it's so hard to make fimo in a very thin slices so it can be stick perfectly to the nails -___-

And these are my nails, my Tutty Frutty nails to starting this fresh new year ^^

I choose the fruits fimo because they look so fresh and i just cant handle not to stick em into my nailsss..
and the other fimo are just like, butterflies, bow, flowers, i dont think it look good to be sticked to much into one nails.. so i try the fruity fimo and it works..
i dont like em, i loveeee em! :D

 i make every nail has different fruit from the nail beside it so it will be look more colorful.
Luckily i have about 9 kinds fimo so every nail seems like havin different fruit :D

Miss Right and Miss left

And i'll give you some fimo nail arts i got from google..
They're a lil bit different from mine, you can try the one you like..
Enjoy and happy trying! ;)

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