Rabu, 15 Februari 2012

My White Val's, Made with Love

Happy Valentine's Day everyoneeee!
Didnt get any chocolate and flower? Doesnt matter, you cant count love by the amount of chocolate, flowers, and present that you get but you can count every bless and joy you feel :)

Anyway, seems like everybody knows valentine's always bring pink to everyone and the white day bring white to everyone. Is that so? hahaha
i just cant take my eyes off of the pink balloons, curtain, laces-thingy, and flowers at the restaurant and displays at the mall. So maybe that's the only reason why i really love to go outside with my friend just to see the pretty decorations :p

Last night i'm about too bussy with my analytical report so i really out of time to make my nails for the special day :( i really wanna make a beautiful pink nails for this val's but i just cant huhu
So i made my nails last night after my lasy report and make the pictures this morning, kkkkk there's no word late to express our love, right?

I got my nails white with pink lace, it means that after the pink val's day there's always white day. You will never late to show your love. And half of my nails have no colour means it will never change, just like how i love my pretty nails :)

Miss Right and Miss Left, but nobody is left behind, i love every nails that i have <3

Thumb, Mommy Finger, thumb thumbs.. pretty thumbsssss!

This pretty stickers i bought at Fx last weekend. This lace stickers cost cheaper than in my own town hihi
And i also found some similar stickers in senayan city but cost much much expensive, dunno whats the different -____-

Happy Val's and White day! <3

Selasa, 14 Februari 2012

Girl in Town, White in Black

Hello february!
seems like i've been too busy with my work and i have no time to do any post :(
anyway it's already 3 weeks that i stay in jakarta for some business kkkk
i really hate that i had no time to make my nails here but luckily i've already make it when i was steel at my own home B)

When i know about my job here, i dont think it's good to make my nails colourfull or put any stickers on em.
It will cracked easily, so i make my nails in black colour and to make a touch on it i make white polkadots for them :D
So cute but not too catchy so people wont easily recognize my nails. I hate it when people in my workin place ask too much about my nails, they wont understand, right? ha-ha

So this is it, my white in black nails, happy workin! ;)

I make my nails in the middle of January when i prepared to go here. And i saw it starts to cracked on the early february so i erase it. Yeaa not bad..

I already miss my polkadoted nails. Gonna make one again one day ;)

And these are my tools to make my cute-cute polkadots :

I got these dotting tools from KimKim Shop on facebook.
They're perfectly make dots on your nails. Try em on, they're so easy to use :D