Selasa, 14 Februari 2012

Girl in Town, White in Black

Hello february!
seems like i've been too busy with my work and i have no time to do any post :(
anyway it's already 3 weeks that i stay in jakarta for some business kkkk
i really hate that i had no time to make my nails here but luckily i've already make it when i was steel at my own home B)

When i know about my job here, i dont think it's good to make my nails colourfull or put any stickers on em.
It will cracked easily, so i make my nails in black colour and to make a touch on it i make white polkadots for them :D
So cute but not too catchy so people wont easily recognize my nails. I hate it when people in my workin place ask too much about my nails, they wont understand, right? ha-ha

So this is it, my white in black nails, happy workin! ;)

I make my nails in the middle of January when i prepared to go here. And i saw it starts to cracked on the early february so i erase it. Yeaa not bad..

I already miss my polkadoted nails. Gonna make one again one day ;)

And these are my tools to make my cute-cute polkadots :

I got these dotting tools from KimKim Shop on facebook.
They're perfectly make dots on your nails. Try em on, they're so easy to use :D

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