Kamis, 29 Maret 2012

Dots for The Dinky and The Beam

Last week some friends asked me to make their nails up!
Ahh i'm so flattered :D 
Tissa & Kadek asked me to make their nails more beautiful nails even though theirs are pretty already.
Both of my friends' nails have a very different characteristics.
Kadek has very long nails with a solid finger. And in the other hand, Tissa has tiny fingers and the nails are so small that need the smallest dotting tool to make the pattern fit on her nails.
Then I proposed a polka-dot pattern for both of them but with a different mix of colors. And the result, voila! very nice!
Creamy chocolate for Kadek's base color and red valentine for Tissa's.
The dottings made by adapting each of their base color. Kadek with black dots and white ones for Tissa's red nails.
So, this is it, Kadek's!
They was made in my college's studio while we're in our SDA time :p 

Kadek's nails are big enough to make the dots pattern just with the brush itself. So i just make the dots with the stiff brush, and it works, praise for my often-careless-hands to make it almost perfect! :D

And this is Tissa's dinky nails!
I made it with the smallest dotting tools i have :D
Congratulation to my dearest cousin that finally you have the pattern on your nails ;)

 The G Girl, Tissa Florika, with her nails done by My G Nails ;)

So, do your nails are more like Tissa's or Kadek's?
Both still can have dotting pattern on their nails :)

Selasa, 20 Maret 2012

Magnificently Cracked and Messed

O.P.I. successfully makes my nails cracked :(
hahahaha not that 'cracked', but it really was a great 'cracked'!

Just right after trying this product i immediately fell in love with it. First time i saw it i didn't think to buy it but a friend forced me to did so or i will regret it later, and it really does! It really deserves to be one of my nail polish collections.
If you don't have much time to apply the nail polish with a complicated pattern, or you don't have enough patience to make it and apply a sticker, this Cracked nailpolish is a must-have-item! Because of the unique pattern, it is perfect for those who are not too feminine but still want to beautify their fingernails.

And this is it, my pretty nails after destroyed by OPI's cracked nail polish! :D

 I only took about 10 minutes to apply this kind of nail polish. I need 2 minutes to give the basic color and the rest is to apply the cracked nail polish and give a final touch, top coat.
Basically this product has been out long time ago and had a lot of video tutorials on youtube. Please check on youtube with the keywords 'cracked nail polish by OPI' or 'how to apply nail polish cracked'. It's my bad that I'm not good at creating a video tutorial in making a nail art, but one day I might try it, just wait :p

And my friend, annisa rizkiani (@anisahutami), also tried to polish it with a different base color. With a sweet mocca color, nails, far from being 'cracked', nails a perfect fit with her ​​skin :D

Jumat, 16 Maret 2012

Meet My Nail's Twin Sisters

Right after i made my friend's nails, i tried to make mine a lil bit similar with hers.
I put the mocca color into mine and use also the polkadots pattern.
But i made black polkadots for my nails to make it different with Olga's ;p

So, see? This is one of my favourite polkadot top that inspires my black polkadots.
I adore how the base mocca colour can be match perfectly with the black dots.
So i try it up into my nails :)

 You can use dotting tools or just use the nails polish's stiff brush if you have it.
But if it's hard for you to use even the stiff one just use the dotting tools you can find it at online shop :)

Then after we met we saw each other's and my friend, Tissa Florika, took some pictures of our nails.
They're really look a like just likka twin sister :D

And then this picture, we dedicate this for the success of our WEX 2012 event :D
You can see the details of my college's biggest event of this year include architectural exhibition, photography competition, sketch event, and architecture design contest. No more waiting and dont miss the D day! click WEX UGM for more info :)

My Polkadot-ed Friend

Hello, welcome to the new concept and look. My blog was hiding for a quiet long time because it was proced into the new address  hhe

About a couple days ago my friend, Olga Elisa , asks me to make her nails up due to her project for her boyfie's birthday.

So i offer her two options for the base colour, pastel green & sweet mocca. First, we try pastel green for her hands but after a very long thinking we use sweet mocca for hers ha ha :p

And for the last touch, i put white polkadots on em.
Cute cute cute :D

Olga, you're ready to surprise your boyfieeee (even finally you dont need your nails for the video),

happy birthday, Olga's boyf !

The white polkadots in each nail are added to avoid the 'empty' impression on her nails. Because so far she is oftenly use this mocca color ( Olga insists it's not mocca but pink :p )

I really love to use this polkadots pattern into my nails and my friends' because it really is easy to apply into the nails. Try it up and enjoy! :)

Minggu, 11 Maret 2012

My G Nails Anniversary

This 24th March my baby blog, my-g-nails will celebrate its first anniversary, woohooo :D
i'm so excited so i decide to make some change..
Umm i wanna make my childish blog look a lil bit mature hahaha

I change the background, the shortcut toolbars, and also the icon.. ah i actually really worry that many of you will think that the old one does better because somehow i miss my colorfull blog :(
but i really am hoping that some changes wont matter alot~

and this is it, my new icon for my new-looked-blog...

The new icon will be used just like the old ones,
so it's gonna be like this...

Happy birthday - Saengil chukkaeyo - Selamat ulang tahun - My G Nails :)

Kamis, 01 Maret 2012

Knitting The Green

In the end of February, i'm about too addicted to knitting thingy.
No, no, i dont knit, i just fall into every knitted clothes and dresses ;D
Last week i just bought some korean knitted tops and this is the first time i have greeny clothes and i reaaaally love it! :))

Then i decided to bought some pastel colors for my nails.
I planned to buy calm green and yellow nail polishes.
I was interested on O.P.I. pastel colors but i've looking for it in every shopping store and malls but i didnt get any T__T

Finally i found it last week, it's Revlon's and quietly hard to apply. But with a little patient i finally done with em Ha Ha :p
Now i got my nails greeny and polkadot-ed, i choose white polkadot to make it cute like my Knit & Co top ^^

 I wanna share a little bit about this product i recently wore ;)

Knit & Co is Korean and Japan clothing brand, it's a high quality knitted clothes, cardigans, and dresses.
You can find it easily online and in some shopping centre in Jakarta and Semarang (in Indonesia)

 Knit & Co cardigans and clothes have their own characteristic that makes this brand remains as the girls' option when they wanna wear a warm clothes or wanna go somewhere freezing :3

Last time i bought this cardigans i bought it with a woman who wanna go to hongkong and she needed some clothes that warm but still can be used in tropical country like ours.

And this is ittt, my greeny nails, this is my first time havin some greeny thingy and put this kind of color into my nails^^

 I was about to use the help from my dotting tools but i try it to make it by the nail polish's brush and it weeerk, i dont need dotting tools to make this kind of polkadots :)

 Some people think pastel colors are not good for dark skinned, but i think it's fine, why not?
Just try it and mix it with other pastels or neutral nail polishes.
If you're dark skinned people, you may try this combination:
- calm green + white/black
- calm yellow + white/black/blue
- bright purple + white (dont combine it with black)
- black + white
- chocolate/creamy + white/calm yellow

Just try it up into your nails, every girl deserves a pretty nails,
dont let your finger just hidden under your pocket, show it, girls ;)