Kamis, 29 Maret 2012

Dots for The Dinky and The Beam

Last week some friends asked me to make their nails up!
Ahh i'm so flattered :D 
Tissa & Kadek asked me to make their nails more beautiful nails even though theirs are pretty already.
Both of my friends' nails have a very different characteristics.
Kadek has very long nails with a solid finger. And in the other hand, Tissa has tiny fingers and the nails are so small that need the smallest dotting tool to make the pattern fit on her nails.
Then I proposed a polka-dot pattern for both of them but with a different mix of colors. And the result, voila! very nice!
Creamy chocolate for Kadek's base color and red valentine for Tissa's.
The dottings made by adapting each of their base color. Kadek with black dots and white ones for Tissa's red nails.
So, this is it, Kadek's!
They was made in my college's studio while we're in our SDA time :p 

Kadek's nails are big enough to make the dots pattern just with the brush itself. So i just make the dots with the stiff brush, and it works, praise for my often-careless-hands to make it almost perfect! :D

And this is Tissa's dinky nails!
I made it with the smallest dotting tools i have :D
Congratulation to my dearest cousin that finally you have the pattern on your nails ;)

 The G Girl, Tissa Florika, with her nails done by My G Nails ;)

So, do your nails are more like Tissa's or Kadek's?
Both still can have dotting pattern on their nails :)

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