Kamis, 01 Maret 2012

Knitting The Green

In the end of February, i'm about too addicted to knitting thingy.
No, no, i dont knit, i just fall into every knitted clothes and dresses ;D
Last week i just bought some korean knitted tops and this is the first time i have greeny clothes and i reaaaally love it! :))

Then i decided to bought some pastel colors for my nails.
I planned to buy calm green and yellow nail polishes.
I was interested on O.P.I. pastel colors but i've looking for it in every shopping store and malls but i didnt get any T__T

Finally i found it last week, it's Revlon's and quietly hard to apply. But with a little patient i finally done with em Ha Ha :p
Now i got my nails greeny and polkadot-ed, i choose white polkadot to make it cute like my Knit & Co top ^^

 I wanna share a little bit about this product i recently wore ;)

Knit & Co is Korean and Japan clothing brand, it's a high quality knitted clothes, cardigans, and dresses.
You can find it easily online and in some shopping centre in Jakarta and Semarang (in Indonesia)

 Knit & Co cardigans and clothes have their own characteristic that makes this brand remains as the girls' option when they wanna wear a warm clothes or wanna go somewhere freezing :3

Last time i bought this cardigans i bought it with a woman who wanna go to hongkong and she needed some clothes that warm but still can be used in tropical country like ours.

And this is ittt, my greeny nails, this is my first time havin some greeny thingy and put this kind of color into my nails^^

 I was about to use the help from my dotting tools but i try it to make it by the nail polish's brush and it weeerk, i dont need dotting tools to make this kind of polkadots :)

 Some people think pastel colors are not good for dark skinned, but i think it's fine, why not?
Just try it and mix it with other pastels or neutral nail polishes.
If you're dark skinned people, you may try this combination:
- calm green + white/black
- calm yellow + white/black/blue
- bright purple + white (dont combine it with black)
- black + white
- chocolate/creamy + white/calm yellow

Just try it up into your nails, every girl deserves a pretty nails,
dont let your finger just hidden under your pocket, show it, girls ;)

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