Selasa, 20 Maret 2012

Magnificently Cracked and Messed

O.P.I. successfully makes my nails cracked :(
hahahaha not that 'cracked', but it really was a great 'cracked'!

Just right after trying this product i immediately fell in love with it. First time i saw it i didn't think to buy it but a friend forced me to did so or i will regret it later, and it really does! It really deserves to be one of my nail polish collections.
If you don't have much time to apply the nail polish with a complicated pattern, or you don't have enough patience to make it and apply a sticker, this Cracked nailpolish is a must-have-item! Because of the unique pattern, it is perfect for those who are not too feminine but still want to beautify their fingernails.

And this is it, my pretty nails after destroyed by OPI's cracked nail polish! :D

 I only took about 10 minutes to apply this kind of nail polish. I need 2 minutes to give the basic color and the rest is to apply the cracked nail polish and give a final touch, top coat.
Basically this product has been out long time ago and had a lot of video tutorials on youtube. Please check on youtube with the keywords 'cracked nail polish by OPI' or 'how to apply nail polish cracked'. It's my bad that I'm not good at creating a video tutorial in making a nail art, but one day I might try it, just wait :p

And my friend, annisa rizkiani (@anisahutami), also tried to polish it with a different base color. With a sweet mocca color, nails, far from being 'cracked', nails a perfect fit with her ​​skin :D

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