Jumat, 16 Maret 2012

My Polkadot-ed Friend

Hello, welcome to the new concept and look. My blog was hiding for a quiet long time because it was proced into the new address  hhe

About a couple days ago my friend, Olga Elisa , asks me to make her nails up due to her project for her boyfie's birthday.

So i offer her two options for the base colour, pastel green & sweet mocca. First, we try pastel green for her hands but after a very long thinking we use sweet mocca for hers ha ha :p

And for the last touch, i put white polkadots on em.
Cute cute cute :D

Olga, you're ready to surprise your boyfieeee (even finally you dont need your nails for the video),

happy birthday, Olga's boyf !

The white polkadots in each nail are added to avoid the 'empty' impression on her nails. Because so far she is oftenly use this mocca color ( Olga insists it's not mocca but pink :p )

I really love to use this polkadots pattern into my nails and my friends' because it really is easy to apply into the nails. Try it up and enjoy! :)

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