Jumat, 16 Maret 2012

Meet My Nail's Twin Sisters

Right after i made my friend's nails, i tried to make mine a lil bit similar with hers.
I put the mocca color into mine and use also the polkadots pattern.
But i made black polkadots for my nails to make it different with Olga's ;p

So, see? This is one of my favourite polkadot top that inspires my black polkadots.
I adore how the base mocca colour can be match perfectly with the black dots.
So i try it up into my nails :)

 You can use dotting tools or just use the nails polish's stiff brush if you have it.
But if it's hard for you to use even the stiff one just use the dotting tools you can find it at online shop :)

Then after we met we saw each other's and my friend, Tissa Florika, took some pictures of our nails.
They're really look a like just likka twin sister :D

And then this picture, we dedicate this for the success of our WEX 2012 event :D
You can see the details of my college's biggest event of this year include architectural exhibition, photography competition, sketch event, and architecture design contest. No more waiting and dont miss the D day! click WEX UGM for more info :)

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