Minggu, 11 Maret 2012

My G Nails Anniversary

This 24th March my baby blog, my-g-nails will celebrate its first anniversary, woohooo :D
i'm so excited so i decide to make some change..
Umm i wanna make my childish blog look a lil bit mature hahaha

I change the background, the shortcut toolbars, and also the icon.. ah i actually really worry that many of you will think that the old one does better because somehow i miss my colorfull blog :(
but i really am hoping that some changes wont matter alot~

and this is it, my new icon for my new-looked-blog...

The new icon will be used just like the old ones,
so it's gonna be like this...

Happy birthday - Saengil chukkaeyo - Selamat ulang tahun - My G Nails :)

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