Minggu, 29 April 2012

Miss Pale (part 2)

Hi, still remember me? I'm a close friend of the owner of beautiful nails that you have read so far. My name is Miss Pale, this time i'm going to the other nails to make em look beautiful even though some people would consider it weak because they saw how pale these nails are.

Last Thursday a friend of mine saw my nails that have a pink line on a pale green base colored nails. Gadis Gemilang, my senior school friend, came to watch the Super Show 4 at its second day, so she told me to make her nails look good, so who knows, one of the Super Junior's personnel will glance at it hahaha :D

This is my pink lined pale nails that Gadis wanted it to be applied to her nails ;)

is there any of you are noticed that the lines would merge together if all the fingers aligned? hehe
i purposely made ​​it so that the line is not just an ordinary pink lines ;) 

This is how the pink lined stick to Gadis' tiny pretty nails :D


So, was there any of the boys saw the nails, Gadis?
Are they shining lighter then the lighsticks?
I hope your pale colored nails blended well in the sapphire blue ocean ;)

Selasa, 24 April 2012

Friends' Nails Day

Today maybe the busiest day for me to do my friends' nails 4 within approximately 1 hour. They asked me to beautify their nails today all at once! hahaha it's all out of the plan because previously i was only planning to make Syinthia's.
Too bad because today I just carry a very little of my nail polishes collections so the color that i have to treat these girls' are very limited. The nail polishes that i had brought today was:
Red Valentine from Revlon, Slate from Revlon, Jaded from Revlon, OPI Shatter black, and black and white of Stawberry.
Because of the so-limited-time that i have to make 4 pairs of hands that have been waiting for me for a long time (hahaha) then i suggest them to make their nails just simple but enchanting.
I offer OPI Shatter, the very simple one but very nice, for the wide nails like Tiki's and Icha's. Accidentally and fortunately, they wanted it! :D

This is it! Tiki's and Icha's crakced nails!
*Tiki was using Slate from Revlon and Icha's was Jaded from Revlon.
And both of them were using OPI Shatter black for the last cracked touch.


For Tissa and Syinthia i use the usual dotting tools to make beautiful dots in their nails. Tissa herself quite confused to decide what kind of nail art she want for her nails, but finally after a long judgment she chose to have the polka-dot pattern (again) ;)
While syintia, the girl who specially asked me to bring my nail-saloon tools to the class asked me to make her nails red, but the pattern she handed it all to me. So i offered her which one she wanted, her nails to be cracked or dotted, and just like Tissa did, after a loooong thought she prefer the dots for her nails :D

All of the photos were taken at Gerobak Warung at Deresan, Yogyakarta.
The best place to kill our time together while having pasta and italian menu for lunch ;)
And i dont know if you notice it or not, but every photo has similarity that each of em hold Tiki's vintage pendant :p 

Happy Friends' Nails Day!
and anyway today is also my Daddy's birthday.. :D

Sabtu, 14 April 2012

Blouse-To-Be on My Fingers

Lately i've seen people use a kind of blouse pattern-to-be on their nails. 
I also want it so bad of course, umm no, it isn't just want, i really really need it.
So i was looking for a way to make it on the internet, google, and youtube. I found it so hard to make the blouse on the nails that i don't have stiff brush to make the collar. Even i have the dotting tools to make the buttons it's gonna be useless if there's no collar, right?
so theeeen i decided to create my own version of the blouse :D
First i make a blouse with a tapered angel collar at the tip of the nail. But it took a very long time to make even i had just finished with my left hand. How about the other hand and i should make it with my left hand? -______-

This is my first experiment of blouse-to-be nails :p

After struggling with one hand in a very long time, i decided to make the simpler ones. With black flat cut collar but they are not eliminate the impression of blouse itself. 
I made a pretty blouse warm throughout my nails takes only less than 30 minutes. 
Then all my nails are ready for the show! Yeaaaay!

See? Some failed buttons and errors are still there hahaha -____-

The last 5 pictures of my nails above were taken by my Blackberry Torch, really ideal for taking pictures inside or outdoors. We can choose which part should be focused and which part should be blurred. 
I feel really comfortable to use it almost this 1,5 years :)

And the first previous picture above were taken by my Ipad 2 and edited by Instagram.
Found me at Instagram here --> Mayang Hwang :D
If you love to make your photo a lil bit vintage-atmosphered, you should have it on you pad or phone!
Get an Instagram now :)
And here the other pictures i've edited also by Instagram and a lil bit Pic Collage's final touch at my Pad.
Ah i really love it!

Fallin in love with the blouse-to-be just like me?
Make one by youself with your own version!
Good luuuuuck ;) 

Jumat, 13 April 2012

My Nails' Quotes

All this time i made ​​a lot of photographs and nail arts design. I've already tried many different kinds of nailarts that i find on the internet and magazines. 
So, i think it is now time for me to share my thoughts, 
how much it means to me, 
and how powerful nailarts can be to make my closest people around go like it.
And here i also wanna show and tell you that nailarts isn't about wasting time at your room to merely make your nails pretty. It's an art that worth to try :)

Last but not least, i wanna remind you and explain how can i love my nails alot.
I just realized that nails are part of yourself that will always there in your sad and pleased. They can broke once and grow again. Along with its determination i really adore how they can make me look great even i dressed down and got a bad hair day.
Every inch of our nails deserve better treatment than anybody else's.
Who will look after your nails if it's not youself? Dont let people judge which color and nailart that match well on you, it depends on your mood, sense, and personality that only you that know it :)

Anyway, all of these quotes i write and chain em by myself, so please if you wanna copy or pick up even a small bit you can just put my name or this page name, My G Nails :)

Selasa, 10 April 2012

Adorable Mother of (Nails) Cats, Katy Perry

If you keep up to the posts that i've made during this time, surely you all wanna know where i was inspired to always make the exquisite polish and post 'em in various social media.
Maybe i've been more inspired by the style of asian (korean) to develop my nail art and its photograph, but from where i started to think to share em into social media?
I was thinking to just show it off to my friends and nearest people, but a twitter account that i follow, Katty Perry, started to twit a photo that includes her latest nailart. And if Katy appear with new nailart, she posted it again and again :O

So i talked to myself, so far i've spent a lot of time and make different kinds of nail art, why only me and my closest ones who knew? why dont i use my twitter account to inform more people about my favorites (my specialty) about nailart? Although my flair is not something really great and special, but it would be great and worth if i can share it to more people not only my nearest, my friends, but everyone in the world. You can call it kinda making a small 'exhibition' with my very own social network accounts :p
That's how Cat's Mommy 'teaches' me to share it to others. And in the other hand, she also inspire me with all of her adorable mesmerizing nail-arts. Do you guys follow Katy Perry already at twitter? If you dont go follow her like-right-now! She always posts her newest nails there, and i try not to miss every-single-new nail art she has :D
If you really curious with her nail art because you havent follow @katyperry so here they are, i'll let you peek a few designs of Mommy Cats' Nail-Arts and unintentionally-nailarts-tips :)

1. Katy 'Match' Perry

dont know if you all realize it or not, but i often notice how katy combine her dress with her nails. Although they're not always in the same color or pattern, but how her nails are in line with her looks is stunned everyone who see her.

2. Katy 'Smurfette' Perry
is there anyone that still dont know that Smurfette's cute voice in the film is filled by katy? hahaha both katy or Smurfette are very adorable. And here is it if katy brought the Smurfs in her beautiful nails. We love Smurfperry!

3. Katy 'Brand' Perry

On the red carpet of VMA 2010 Russell Brand, katy husband-to-be (that time), could not accompany her. It was very unfortunate for everyone that the couple-to-be can not be together at the time. But Katy didn't want to disappoint those who were waiting for her presence at that time with her man, so she hold Brand on her hands, it wasn't really holding his hand, but she really brought him in her hands (nails) :p

4. Katy 'Purr'y

when Katy was promoting her first perfume brand, there's a few times that she was caught by the camera with her nails are purr-fectly match with her dress and the perfume itself. PURR which is identical with cats & purple seems to have inspired Katy to provide a similar atmosphere to her nails. Once she painted 'em with kinda purple-dazzling nail polish (or it could be Minx), then there's one of my favorite, purple with kinda Purr-print :D

5. Katy 'twitpict' Perry
As i've told you before, Katy is one of those who really love to post their photos to twitter (and me also one of those :p). But actually she's really love to post her nails photos. So here they are some Katy's-nails-twitter-pictures!
You can see Katy's royal nails, candy-stripes nails, purple-glittered nails, candy sprinkles nails, black lace nails, and floral-minx (i think so) :D

6. Katy 'OPI' Perry
have you tried Shatter OPI nail polish? if you haven't, I highly recommend that you immediately get and buy 'em up as much as possible! This nail polish is stunning and makes you cant stop admiring every inch of your nails :D
OPI Shatter nail polish is also known in some places by OPI Katy Perry hehehe i've bought one and I'm thinking of buying more, now I'm saving my money for it...

When i was in a trip to singapore last year i was looking for it in some malls and some of them are out of stock, this nail polish's popularity is wowed me :O
So, why are you still silently staring at the screen? Go get one! :D