Sabtu, 14 April 2012

Blouse-To-Be on My Fingers

Lately i've seen people use a kind of blouse pattern-to-be on their nails. 
I also want it so bad of course, umm no, it isn't just want, i really really need it.
So i was looking for a way to make it on the internet, google, and youtube. I found it so hard to make the blouse on the nails that i don't have stiff brush to make the collar. Even i have the dotting tools to make the buttons it's gonna be useless if there's no collar, right?
so theeeen i decided to create my own version of the blouse :D
First i make a blouse with a tapered angel collar at the tip of the nail. But it took a very long time to make even i had just finished with my left hand. How about the other hand and i should make it with my left hand? -______-

This is my first experiment of blouse-to-be nails :p

After struggling with one hand in a very long time, i decided to make the simpler ones. With black flat cut collar but they are not eliminate the impression of blouse itself. 
I made a pretty blouse warm throughout my nails takes only less than 30 minutes. 
Then all my nails are ready for the show! Yeaaaay!

See? Some failed buttons and errors are still there hahaha -____-

The last 5 pictures of my nails above were taken by my Blackberry Torch, really ideal for taking pictures inside or outdoors. We can choose which part should be focused and which part should be blurred. 
I feel really comfortable to use it almost this 1,5 years :)

And the first previous picture above were taken by my Ipad 2 and edited by Instagram.
Found me at Instagram here --> Mayang Hwang :D
If you love to make your photo a lil bit vintage-atmosphered, you should have it on you pad or phone!
Get an Instagram now :)
And here the other pictures i've edited also by Instagram and a lil bit Pic Collage's final touch at my Pad.
Ah i really love it!

Fallin in love with the blouse-to-be just like me?
Make one by youself with your own version!
Good luuuuuck ;) 

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