Selasa, 24 April 2012

Friends' Nails Day

Today maybe the busiest day for me to do my friends' nails 4 within approximately 1 hour. They asked me to beautify their nails today all at once! hahaha it's all out of the plan because previously i was only planning to make Syinthia's.
Too bad because today I just carry a very little of my nail polishes collections so the color that i have to treat these girls' are very limited. The nail polishes that i had brought today was:
Red Valentine from Revlon, Slate from Revlon, Jaded from Revlon, OPI Shatter black, and black and white of Stawberry.
Because of the so-limited-time that i have to make 4 pairs of hands that have been waiting for me for a long time (hahaha) then i suggest them to make their nails just simple but enchanting.
I offer OPI Shatter, the very simple one but very nice, for the wide nails like Tiki's and Icha's. Accidentally and fortunately, they wanted it! :D

This is it! Tiki's and Icha's crakced nails!
*Tiki was using Slate from Revlon and Icha's was Jaded from Revlon.
And both of them were using OPI Shatter black for the last cracked touch.


For Tissa and Syinthia i use the usual dotting tools to make beautiful dots in their nails. Tissa herself quite confused to decide what kind of nail art she want for her nails, but finally after a long judgment she chose to have the polka-dot pattern (again) ;)
While syintia, the girl who specially asked me to bring my nail-saloon tools to the class asked me to make her nails red, but the pattern she handed it all to me. So i offered her which one she wanted, her nails to be cracked or dotted, and just like Tissa did, after a loooong thought she prefer the dots for her nails :D

All of the photos were taken at Gerobak Warung at Deresan, Yogyakarta.
The best place to kill our time together while having pasta and italian menu for lunch ;)
And i dont know if you notice it or not, but every photo has similarity that each of em hold Tiki's vintage pendant :p 

Happy Friends' Nails Day!
and anyway today is also my Daddy's birthday.. :D

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