Minggu, 29 April 2012

Miss Pale (part 2)

Hi, still remember me? I'm a close friend of the owner of beautiful nails that you have read so far. My name is Miss Pale, this time i'm going to the other nails to make em look beautiful even though some people would consider it weak because they saw how pale these nails are.

Last Thursday a friend of mine saw my nails that have a pink line on a pale green base colored nails. Gadis Gemilang, my senior school friend, came to watch the Super Show 4 at its second day, so she told me to make her nails look good, so who knows, one of the Super Junior's personnel will glance at it hahaha :D

This is my pink lined pale nails that Gadis wanted it to be applied to her nails ;)

is there any of you are noticed that the lines would merge together if all the fingers aligned? hehe
i purposely made ​​it so that the line is not just an ordinary pink lines ;) 

This is how the pink lined stick to Gadis' tiny pretty nails :D


So, was there any of the boys saw the nails, Gadis?
Are they shining lighter then the lighsticks?
I hope your pale colored nails blended well in the sapphire blue ocean ;)

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