Selasa, 01 Mei 2012

The Enchanting Violaceous

Knock knock,
it's May already.
So i wake up and realize there's no more time for any procrastination.
Among a lot of my time that spent for the tasks, i leave little time for me to try my new nail polish. 
The lily color from Revlon that mesmerizes me since i first saw it on the display.

Lily from Revlon is simply a violaceous.
It's kinda purple color, sweet orchid purple ;)

So i tried it up and these are how it stick with my nails, i really love it that i dont think i have to apply some dots or any sticker on it hihi :p

i am about to think of adding some ornaments or stickers, but maybe i'll do it later when i get bored to see it just a plain purple on my nails :p
until today i still love how my nails look stunning with this calm color...

so i took some more photographs of my nails, dont know why i just feel that they look a bit more photogenic with this color :D ha ha ha

I'm so enchanted by the violaceous, how bout you there? :)

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