Minggu, 27 Mei 2012


Last week some friends ask me to make their nails (as usual)
and we did it at our studio hours.
It was fffun!
That day i'm done with Kadek, Novi, Tiki, Tissa, Icha, Tika Laras, and also Kiki's nails...
hfff a lil bit exhausting but finally i really love how Tissa's phone capture every nails and post it into her instagram ( @tissaflo ) :D

These are the masterpieces of the day, instagramed nails are just too adorable <3
Let's start with Tissa's!

And These are Tiki's player-color-nails hahaha
red with milky white dots cant even being prettier,
her vintage necklace match so well with the theme :D

Icha with her Lily colored nails, and also her special hair that day (FYI she's almost never take any tail for her hair, she love to just let em covered her rounded face :p)

And here is it, the one who officially ask me to made her nails up that day, Tika Laras :D
and i'm done with hers after applied the cherry-red with black line, hope you like it, Tik!
this is the first time for me to make her nails,
come again, will ya? ;)

And last, my nails!
my nails also want some touch from insta, right? hahaha
and mine also taken with tissa's and tiki's..
Voila, the nails said CHEERS!

See more i-nails-stagram at my profile @mayanghwang :)

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  1. cute nail art designs :))
    I've followed your blog, so happy to meet another fellow indonesian nail bloggers.. please visit and follow my blog <3

  2. @ Lalaluna: Of course i do oftenly visit your blog. Your blog is also amazing. I'm so glad to find you tooo :D