Sabtu, 19 Mei 2012

Sweet Like a Candy, Dressed Like a Lady

Yesterday my friend, Tissa Florika, asked me to help her as a model for her upcoming online-shop. Pastel-colored clothes, laces, and Korean-themed-photography, I love it! I really do! I even enjoyed the times she took the photos while the room was so hot and i got a lot of clothes to be worn.
So to make the clothes look prettier, and because Tissa also planned to make some details photos so i make my nails up. Because they will appear on some details photos, right? hahaha :p

My nailart this time was adapted to suit the clothes. So i make my nails covered with sucha pastel candy color. Again, i use Jaded by Revlon, Creamy white by Face-Shop, and Lily by Revlon :)
And to make it a lil bit vintage-alike, i put some laced-bows on each nails. And because i was going to have a clothing photoshots, so i make some buttons-wanna-be with the bows.
I really really really loved my Pastelized Candy Dressed Nailart <3

I think i will keep this nailart last forever at my nails :""")
And the photoshot was done about 2 hours, and my nails were really appear in some details photos.
Sucha good job, Tissa!

Maybe i'll post some photos from today photoshot later...
and right now, it's time for my nails ;)

I spot some vintage thingy and corners at Tissa's home. Every floral and vintage prints were just too pretty to be left behind. So i take some pictures with 'em, sweet :">

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