Selasa, 26 Juni 2012

Shining and Gleaming

A couple days ago my friend gave me a link to see a blog (or a web page i'm not really remember that) via twitter that contains about nailart & nail tutorial .. I loved THAT LIKKA LOT!
I was so pleased and enjoying my time to see from post to post to pay attention to the nails-designs created by the blog owner. She must be born with sucha genius brain. Simply she can make me undestand every tutorial even she make it in sucha very simple way. How could that be T_T
And finally i had my eyes ancored onto one design. It was a gradient nailarts design that made by hand pr you can call it manually (not stickers)..

I was very curious to try it as well but with a slightly different way.
So this is how my nails be...

Its color inspired by SNSD's costume and concept for "Diamond" song last christmas (you can see the video here),

my nails are shining.. my nails are gleaming.. yeaaaayy :D

And this is the tutorial, step by step to make this Gleaming Nails ;)

1. After you apply the base coat, polish your nails with a natural pastel color. You may choose milky white, chocolate milk color, or light brown nail polish.
2. Apply the sparkling nail polish on half of your nails. And after it dries, polish again but only half of the area (so it's gonna be 1/4 of your nails) to make the gradient effect.
3. Last touch, top coat to make it more gleaming!

Say hello to the girls,

I know you can do it by yourself, bunch of luck i send to you to make it on your own nails!
Good luuuuuck :D

Rabu, 20 Juni 2012

Marvelous Nails for Magnificent Moments

Last week my friends ask me to made their nails for their special time.
Gadis for her boyfriend's birthday, so she wanted to make it unforgetabe with her beautiful nails.
and Kadek for her friend's relatives' wedding party.
Yeayy i really glad to be part of their special time, at least to make it more special with my handmade nails on their pretty fingers :)

For Gadis, i offered her some examples of my previous nailarts.
Then she choose my Lily colored nails by Revlon that i used at my 4th anniversary with my boyfie ;)
It's sucha good choice remember that Gadis's skin is so bright so the color stick and perfectly fit with her hand and also the present.
Here is it, happy birthday Gadis' boyf!
Long last for you guys :D

Gadis' present for her boyfriend by: Flovemography
Nails by: My-G-nails

And for Kadek's, she wanted to make her nails match well with her kebaya.
because the dress is red so i make it red as she wish ;D
for the details i add some black lace to make like a clear and bold lining at the tip of the nails,
so this is it how i make Kadek's nails fabulous for the wedding party...

Let's meet the adorable girl, Kadek Arini :D
See the complete stories and her style at her blog --> here

Rabu, 13 Juni 2012

Flower Fairies, Are They Really Exist?

I'm one of those people who dont believe of fairy-tales.
when i was a little girl, i always love when my mom brought me tales and bed-time stories..
I enjoy to see the beautiful pictures that drawn perfectly on every page.
and i'm convinced that many of you read those books too, right?
what's particularly found on fairy tales?
fairies, skies, clouds, sometime rivers, and...... flowers.

and from what i know, flower fairies are the most famous among them.
They have several precious names..
Afreda.. Arethusa.. Dulcina.. Eolande.. Gelsey..
Maybe one day if i have a baby-girl i'm going to named her with one of those pretty names :)

and i'm also one of those people who think that..
flowers were made with sucha grasp-able stalk because they're made for it..
i insist that flowers are best to be placed on hand.. or nails..

So i try to find floral nail arts before i make one on my own nails..
and guess what?
i fall in love with every design i found..
they're so adorable and i really hardly believe that some of em are painted manually :O

Just right after i saw some adorable nail designs, i dig my nail-arts-kit up to find some suitable stickers for my upcoming nail arts, floral..
and luckily i found one! yeayy

i choose the Jaded color from Revlon and milky white from FaceShop :)
my favorit ones to be paired with the flowers..
it has sucha calm atmosphere with its nude colors..

and this is it, my Flower Fairy Nails..

How to make those?
i've told you that i will give you tutorial for every nail-art that i make, so this time i make a tutorial too!
hope it can help you to make one like mine and even prettier :D

I start to believe that fairy are not merely a tale after i made my own fairy-weald.. on my nails..
Just wait until the right time and the fairies would come..

Let the fairies dancing on your nails and spread their seed..
and now the flowers are blooming..
Have a nice spring-tide, nails-worm ;)

Minggu, 10 Juni 2012

Korean Street vs School Style

I just made my Polyvore account last night and i'm getting sooooo excited! :D
I keep questioning are they really exist in the real life?
How can people make sucha cute and stunning goods like em?
God, i really want em to be mine!

Click here to find my style collection at Polyvore --> HERE ;)

And just right after i made the styles, i match em with my daily style, korean :)
And i also pair the nudes and the navy with the identical nail-polishes.
I specifically use O.P.I. this time...

The Korean street style is best coupled with :
- OPI Nail Polish That's Hot! - Pink
- OPI Nail Polish Nicky Minaj Pink Friday
- OPI Nail Polish in The Spot-Light - Pink
- OPI Shatter Nail Polish - White
- OPI's New York City Ballet Inspired

and The Korean School Girl is stunning to be combined with :
- OPI Katy Perry Collection - Shatter Nail Polish
- OPI Nail Polish Play 'Til Midnight
- OPI Nail Polish Shatter Nail Lacquer
- OPI Nail PolishBlue My Mind

The OPI Nail Polishes' average price is IDR 80k - IDR 230k,
reachable right?
So, what are you waiting for?
Get those mesmerizing styles, you can choose between the nude colors or navy ones...
If you wanna be looked calm and gloomy at the same time, you can try the pink and nude ones and combine it with the white-rosy OPI Nail Polish,
you wanna be look vigorous and shaded with the korean collar-ed style...

And here is it when i try those style with my friend's, Tissa, upcoming shop collections...
Check em out!

The Korean Street Style with nude colors

The Korean School Girl, also with the teddy :p

Hope you like it and have a try, nails-worm! ;)

Kamis, 07 Juni 2012

I Mustache You, Nails

Seems like everyone is now really familiar with 'mustache' emote and the cartoonized ones.
These cute mustache no longer describe masculinity and not only men can used that.
Women and especially tumblr lovers are startin to use this mustache icon in all of their attributes, 
you may say mustache tees, rings, bracelets, pendants, hair clips, bags, cups, glass, cakes, and many many others..
They're even cuter in every vintage angle pictures,
me love it too ;D

Mustache in dictionary can be describe as facial hair grown on the outer surface of the upper lip.
It may or may not be accompanied by a type of beard, a facial hair style grown and cropped to cover most of the lower half of the face.
And now mustache is get even  more popular than ever not only because of its basically used to but because of its cuteness and compatibility to be paired with any-vintage and girl-thingy...

And for you nailarts-worm, i got some inspirations for you.
You can use stickers or paint it by yourself..
The point is just you have to 'mustache' your nails! ;)

Just mustache being mustache..