Rabu, 13 Juni 2012

Flower Fairies, Are They Really Exist?

I'm one of those people who dont believe of fairy-tales.
when i was a little girl, i always love when my mom brought me tales and bed-time stories..
I enjoy to see the beautiful pictures that drawn perfectly on every page.
and i'm convinced that many of you read those books too, right?
what's particularly found on fairy tales?
fairies, skies, clouds, sometime rivers, and...... flowers.

and from what i know, flower fairies are the most famous among them.
They have several precious names..
Afreda.. Arethusa.. Dulcina.. Eolande.. Gelsey..
Maybe one day if i have a baby-girl i'm going to named her with one of those pretty names :)

and i'm also one of those people who think that..
flowers were made with sucha grasp-able stalk because they're made for it..
i insist that flowers are best to be placed on hand.. or nails..

So i try to find floral nail arts before i make one on my own nails..
and guess what?
i fall in love with every design i found..
they're so adorable and i really hardly believe that some of em are painted manually :O

Just right after i saw some adorable nail designs, i dig my nail-arts-kit up to find some suitable stickers for my upcoming nail arts, floral..
and luckily i found one! yeayy

i choose the Jaded color from Revlon and milky white from FaceShop :)
my favorit ones to be paired with the flowers..
it has sucha calm atmosphere with its nude colors..

and this is it, my Flower Fairy Nails..

How to make those?
i've told you that i will give you tutorial for every nail-art that i make, so this time i make a tutorial too!
hope it can help you to make one like mine and even prettier :D

I start to believe that fairy are not merely a tale after i made my own fairy-weald.. on my nails..
Just wait until the right time and the fairies would come..

Let the fairies dancing on your nails and spread their seed..
and now the flowers are blooming..
Have a nice spring-tide, nails-worm ;)

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