Minggu, 10 Juni 2012

Korean Street vs School Style

I just made my Polyvore account last night and i'm getting sooooo excited! :D
I keep questioning are they really exist in the real life?
How can people make sucha cute and stunning goods like em?
God, i really want em to be mine!

Click here to find my style collection at Polyvore --> HERE ;)

And just right after i made the styles, i match em with my daily style, korean :)
And i also pair the nudes and the navy with the identical nail-polishes.
I specifically use O.P.I. this time...

The Korean street style is best coupled with :
- OPI Nail Polish That's Hot! - Pink
- OPI Nail Polish Nicky Minaj Pink Friday
- OPI Nail Polish in The Spot-Light - Pink
- OPI Shatter Nail Polish - White
- OPI's New York City Ballet Inspired

and The Korean School Girl is stunning to be combined with :
- OPI Katy Perry Collection - Shatter Nail Polish
- OPI Nail Polish Play 'Til Midnight
- OPI Nail Polish Shatter Nail Lacquer
- OPI Nail PolishBlue My Mind

The OPI Nail Polishes' average price is IDR 80k - IDR 230k,
reachable right?
So, what are you waiting for?
Get those mesmerizing styles, you can choose between the nude colors or navy ones...
If you wanna be looked calm and gloomy at the same time, you can try the pink and nude ones and combine it with the white-rosy OPI Nail Polish,
you wanna be look vigorous and shaded with the korean collar-ed style...

And here is it when i try those style with my friend's, Tissa, upcoming shop collections...
Check em out!

The Korean Street Style with nude colors

The Korean School Girl, also with the teddy :p

Hope you like it and have a try, nails-worm! ;)

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