Senin, 04 Juni 2012

La Faibles Fleur

This last few days i felt kinda fatigue. So much work had to be done by myself but in the other hand i dont even have enough time to rest. Sometime i have to sleep at 5 am and woke up at 7. So exhausting. 
I became very tired and my weight drop. I feel very weary and weak.

And last night i had to do a mockups of Malioboro for my final task that need to be presented today. Glue was on each nail of mine. i was so weary and upset. i felt like i wasn't able to keep my nails huhuhu  :(

i had to clean up my nails that I made with my grandmother yesterday T_T
Because i was annoyed with my broken nail art, so i replaced it. 

I change the previous jaded color into a milky white color from FaceShop.

This color is so representing me right now. 
I was so vulnerable, my body aches and my head dizzy to complete all my work bzzzzz
And to put some positive energy here i stick some flowers stickers that blend perfectly with the base color..
It turn my mood 180 degrees! I feel a lil bit cured just by seeing my newest nailart today..

So now lemme share this serenity with you, my sworn readers ;)

A while ago i received some messages on facebook and email, asking me to make a tutorial on how to make each nail art that i post in this blog. For you girls' information, i really bad about explaining something. I really really want to made you a tutorial even for every single detail but i really dont know the best phrase to tell you clearly T_T hahaha
I'm about to make a tutorial video but unluckily i dont have any handycam or kinda thing to make a clear video. So now maybe i'll try to tell you with the simplest words (it's gonna be my first tutorial maybe) so i hope it's clear enough for an amateur like me :p

This how to make my 'La Faibles Fleur' nailart :)
1. make sure your nails are clean enough to apply the base coat
2. after apply the base coat and its already dry, start to apply the base color (in this post, and you may try it, i'm using milky white color from FaceShop)
3. after the nail polish dried, stick the flowers sticker at the end / inside tip of your nails, i mean not in the middle or in your nail outside tip
4. make sure that the stickers are sticked well and the nail polish dried enough so you can apply the top coat
5. DONE! your nails are now ready to mesmerize the world <3

For any of you who live in Yogyakarta, Indonesia and want to get the FaceShop products you can find it at Plaza Ambarrukmo.

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  1. aww.. pretty pretty pretty!! love it!

  2. Thank you! Your blog & nail arts also adorable, sucha great pleasure to meet another indonesian nailart blogger :"D