Rabu, 20 Juni 2012

Marvelous Nails for Magnificent Moments

Last week my friends ask me to made their nails for their special time.
Gadis for her boyfriend's birthday, so she wanted to make it unforgetabe with her beautiful nails.
and Kadek for her friend's relatives' wedding party.
Yeayy i really glad to be part of their special time, at least to make it more special with my handmade nails on their pretty fingers :)

For Gadis, i offered her some examples of my previous nailarts.
Then she choose my Lily colored nails by Revlon that i used at my 4th anniversary with my boyfie ;)
It's sucha good choice remember that Gadis's skin is so bright so the color stick and perfectly fit with her hand and also the present.
Here is it, happy birthday Gadis' boyf!
Long last for you guys :D

Gadis' present for her boyfriend by: Flovemography
Nails by: My-G-nails

And for Kadek's, she wanted to make her nails match well with her kebaya.
because the dress is red so i make it red as she wish ;D
for the details i add some black lace to make like a clear and bold lining at the tip of the nails,
so this is it how i make Kadek's nails fabulous for the wedding party...

Let's meet the adorable girl, Kadek Arini :D
See the complete stories and her style at her blog --> here

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