Selasa, 26 Juni 2012

Shining and Gleaming

A couple days ago my friend gave me a link to see a blog (or a web page i'm not really remember that) via twitter that contains about nailart & nail tutorial .. I loved THAT LIKKA LOT!
I was so pleased and enjoying my time to see from post to post to pay attention to the nails-designs created by the blog owner. She must be born with sucha genius brain. Simply she can make me undestand every tutorial even she make it in sucha very simple way. How could that be T_T
And finally i had my eyes ancored onto one design. It was a gradient nailarts design that made by hand pr you can call it manually (not stickers)..

I was very curious to try it as well but with a slightly different way.
So this is how my nails be...

Its color inspired by SNSD's costume and concept for "Diamond" song last christmas (you can see the video here),

my nails are shining.. my nails are gleaming.. yeaaaayy :D

And this is the tutorial, step by step to make this Gleaming Nails ;)

1. After you apply the base coat, polish your nails with a natural pastel color. You may choose milky white, chocolate milk color, or light brown nail polish.
2. Apply the sparkling nail polish on half of your nails. And after it dries, polish again but only half of the area (so it's gonna be 1/4 of your nails) to make the gradient effect.
3. Last touch, top coat to make it more gleaming!

Say hello to the girls,

I know you can do it by yourself, bunch of luck i send to you to make it on your own nails!
Good luuuuuck :D

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  1. Oh gosh! Super love this blog..:D nice layout, nice post and all~ ♡ have to follow this blog! :D

    come and visit me if you have time! :D

    1. Hello dear Anasgch, i'm glad to visit and follow your blog too!
      Your style is so adorable. Life isnt fair, you know, seems like every outfit match well on you! Hahahaha

      Btw, Thanks for stopping by on my page ;)