Jumat, 24 Agustus 2012

Tell Me Your 21st Wish...

This August 26th is gonna be my 21st birthday.
I'm sooooooo excited that i have so much wishes.
Maybe if i write em down it's gonna be ready to be published as a novel hahaha
As a normal human i got thousands wish on my mind..
But this year at least i have 3 things as my wishes, i hope there's a genie that can hear me :p

1. Rilakkuma (anything related with Rilakkuma! I just got a sudden fever of it!)
2. Purr by Katy Perry
3. OPI New York City Ballet

and my extra wish it that i really hope my boyfie can come to my house and we can meet at the day..
but i dont think he can make it.. he's now at his hometown, gathering with his family and he planned to come back just one day after my birthday :(((

Sooooo.. that's why this time i want to make kinda meaningful-pretty-nail-painting..
it's a special nail-painting for my 21st birthday huehehehe

This time i will combine 3 pastel-pale-colors with 1 also a pastel color to combine the 3 colors...
The 3 colors as the base color represent my 3 wishes.
And 1 color to combine em all represents my wish that i really hope my boyfie can make it to come earlier :(

So, here they are what i need to make the painting :

And here they are! My dreamy nails..
I'm telling my wish just by painting my nails ;)

To make this adorable pastelined-painting these are the Steps-by-Steps :

1. Apply the very first base color, mine is baby blue. Then apply the second base color, baby pink.
2. At the tip of the nails, apply mint or jaded as the final color.
3. Make the dots by using the creme color as the line among those basic colors.
    You can use the smallest dotting tools to make it.
4. VOILA! It's done! Dont forget to apply the top coat to make it gleaming ;)

Now they're ready!
At least these dreamy nails will accompany me at my birthday :')

And this is a lil extra tip for you if you have a trouble with your tidiness while you're painting your nails,
you can use cottonbuds and nailpolish remover to neat it up :D

Good Luck, Lads! :)

Rabu, 22 Agustus 2012

August Nail Care

Hello, nails!
Since the very first post i've posted until my last post i've never write about any tips or any-nail-caring-treatment, right?
So this time i'm going to share you about.....................
My secret treatment for my cuticle around the nails :D
Actually it's not really a special treatment, but i usually do it once every 4 weeks..
but if you have sucha dry or sensitive skins, so you need do it more often,
maybe about once a week :)

So here is it, i'll tell you the secret!

These are the ingredients that you need to do the treatment :

And this is The STEP BY STEP :

1. The first step is soak your hands in a bowl of warm water (5-10 minutes)
2. Apply honey (it's better if you have the same clover honey with mine, it's so good!
    the price is about 290.000 rupiahs, you can buy from me also, i get it from my aunt :) )
3. After around 5-10 minutes, wash your hands to remove the honey, also with warm water.
    but this time, to really remove the honey, use baby soap.
    you can try any baby soap but i think Johnson's smells really good :D
4. Use facial tissue to dry your hands. Facial tissue has the softest texture among any tissues.
5. For the finishing touch: use skin food or body lotion. It's the most important part!
    body lotion or skin food provides the most moisture for your skin, especially the cuticule :)

If you notice it, this treatment is not only to caring your cuticule but also your nails are gonna be look more shining.. especially after you apply the skin food!
ps: i'm using Viva Skin Food, it's really good :D

You can try it at home, lads! and..... GOOD LUCK! ;)

Selasa, 14 Agustus 2012

Asymmetric Pastelized

I really am addicted to pastel colors.
You may say lemon, peach, pearl pink, lavendar / lily, mint, and another faded-pale-alike colors.
They're hypnotizing me everytime i look at 'em.
I cant stand not to buy one of those nail polish colors when i meet em at the store displays.

For me, The FaceShop and Revlon have the best pastel colors ever.
I can fit my daily clothes' colors with their colors well.
And this time, i try to combine not only one or two colors at my nails but three!
I got ---> Jaded from Revlon, Creme from The FaceShop, and Pearl Pink from The FaceShop also.
I mix all three of em to enhance each nail of mine.
I make the design asymmetricly, and VOILA!
I really love em :D

How to make em?

1. Put the Jaded (mint) color into your nails as the base-color.
2. Apply the Pearl Pink to cover half of the Jaded, you can apply it perfectly with some helps of tape / nail tape.
3. After they dried, apply the Creme color at the tip of your nails. It's about a half of the pearl pink.
4. Voila! They're ready now! :D

Senin, 13 Agustus 2012

This is How I Spent My Holiday With...

Hellooooo! I really miss the time i spent in front of my blog and write :""")
Since i had to spent my holiday at a suburbia, hahahaha, you know i gotto did KKN for a month and i did it at Kalasan, Yogyakarta.
It gave me  lots of insight, experience, and memories.
The times i've spent with the children in that village were irreplaceable :")

And during KKN time, i wasn't really leave my nail-thingy at home.

Of course i brought em along with me at the suburbs hahaha
I've already imagined that it's gonna be a boring-month-ever in my life if i really spent my one-precious-holiday-month at the village without any nail polish, hang out around, and TV!
So i decided to take some-me-times for havin' my nail polished, and also take some free time with my friends, family, and boyfie :p

I can't explaine each of my activity, so lemme show you some shoots i had and i letcha read the story i had in each picture ;)

This is how i spent my holiday with...

And my Instagram pictures shows some other part of KKN i spent to hang out around and havin some sweeties :)

And this is the details and pictures from my KKN friend, Winda, she had sucha little nails and also hands.
She really love to have a different design of nailarts.
And also mine, of course, hahaha
I had some new colors last month.
I got light yellow color from Revlon and soft blue from Faceshop. Lovely overload!

My nails are using  : Blue base color from The FaceShop,
Winda's left hand   : Creme color from The Faceshop with black dots color from Strawberry,
Winda's right hand : Creme color from The Faceshop with Cherry Red accent from The Faceshop.