Selasa, 14 Agustus 2012

Asymmetric Pastelized

I really am addicted to pastel colors.
You may say lemon, peach, pearl pink, lavendar / lily, mint, and another faded-pale-alike colors.
They're hypnotizing me everytime i look at 'em.
I cant stand not to buy one of those nail polish colors when i meet em at the store displays.

For me, The FaceShop and Revlon have the best pastel colors ever.
I can fit my daily clothes' colors with their colors well.
And this time, i try to combine not only one or two colors at my nails but three!
I got ---> Jaded from Revlon, Creme from The FaceShop, and Pearl Pink from The FaceShop also.
I mix all three of em to enhance each nail of mine.
I make the design asymmetricly, and VOILA!
I really love em :D

How to make em?

1. Put the Jaded (mint) color into your nails as the base-color.
2. Apply the Pearl Pink to cover half of the Jaded, you can apply it perfectly with some helps of tape / nail tape.
3. After they dried, apply the Creme color at the tip of your nails. It's about a half of the pearl pink.
4. Voila! They're ready now! :D

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