Rabu, 22 Agustus 2012

August Nail Care

Hello, nails!
Since the very first post i've posted until my last post i've never write about any tips or any-nail-caring-treatment, right?
So this time i'm going to share you about.....................
My secret treatment for my cuticle around the nails :D
Actually it's not really a special treatment, but i usually do it once every 4 weeks..
but if you have sucha dry or sensitive skins, so you need do it more often,
maybe about once a week :)

So here is it, i'll tell you the secret!

These are the ingredients that you need to do the treatment :

And this is The STEP BY STEP :

1. The first step is soak your hands in a bowl of warm water (5-10 minutes)
2. Apply honey (it's better if you have the same clover honey with mine, it's so good!
    the price is about 290.000 rupiahs, you can buy from me also, i get it from my aunt :) )
3. After around 5-10 minutes, wash your hands to remove the honey, also with warm water.
    but this time, to really remove the honey, use baby soap.
    you can try any baby soap but i think Johnson's smells really good :D
4. Use facial tissue to dry your hands. Facial tissue has the softest texture among any tissues.
5. For the finishing touch: use skin food or body lotion. It's the most important part!
    body lotion or skin food provides the most moisture for your skin, especially the cuticule :)

If you notice it, this treatment is not only to caring your cuticule but also your nails are gonna be look more shining.. especially after you apply the skin food!
ps: i'm using Viva Skin Food, it's really good :D

You can try it at home, lads! and..... GOOD LUCK! ;)

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