Jumat, 24 Agustus 2012

Tell Me Your 21st Wish...

This August 26th is gonna be my 21st birthday.
I'm sooooooo excited that i have so much wishes.
Maybe if i write em down it's gonna be ready to be published as a novel hahaha
As a normal human i got thousands wish on my mind..
But this year at least i have 3 things as my wishes, i hope there's a genie that can hear me :p

1. Rilakkuma (anything related with Rilakkuma! I just got a sudden fever of it!)
2. Purr by Katy Perry
3. OPI New York City Ballet

and my extra wish it that i really hope my boyfie can come to my house and we can meet at the day..
but i dont think he can make it.. he's now at his hometown, gathering with his family and he planned to come back just one day after my birthday :(((

Sooooo.. that's why this time i want to make kinda meaningful-pretty-nail-painting..
it's a special nail-painting for my 21st birthday huehehehe

This time i will combine 3 pastel-pale-colors with 1 also a pastel color to combine the 3 colors...
The 3 colors as the base color represent my 3 wishes.
And 1 color to combine em all represents my wish that i really hope my boyfie can make it to come earlier :(

So, here they are what i need to make the painting :

And here they are! My dreamy nails..
I'm telling my wish just by painting my nails ;)

To make this adorable pastelined-painting these are the Steps-by-Steps :

1. Apply the very first base color, mine is baby blue. Then apply the second base color, baby pink.
2. At the tip of the nails, apply mint or jaded as the final color.
3. Make the dots by using the creme color as the line among those basic colors.
    You can use the smallest dotting tools to make it.
4. VOILA! It's done! Dont forget to apply the top coat to make it gleaming ;)

Now they're ready!
At least these dreamy nails will accompany me at my birthday :')

And this is a lil extra tip for you if you have a trouble with your tidiness while you're painting your nails,
you can use cottonbuds and nailpolish remover to neat it up :D

Good Luck, Lads! :)

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  1. happy (early) birthday dear :)))
    I'm giving you this blog award for your birthday <3

  2. @Lalaluna: Wow, thankyou! You're the sweetest >,,< i've seen ur post, i'll send one soon! :D

  3. hai dear! i also give you a versatile blogger award through my blog :)


    hope you check it out and have a good day! :D

  4. @ Felicia: that's sucha very kind of you, dear :D
    really cant wait to make one too at my page!