Senin, 13 Agustus 2012

This is How I Spent My Holiday With...

Hellooooo! I really miss the time i spent in front of my blog and write :""")
Since i had to spent my holiday at a suburbia, hahahaha, you know i gotto did KKN for a month and i did it at Kalasan, Yogyakarta.
It gave me  lots of insight, experience, and memories.
The times i've spent with the children in that village were irreplaceable :")

And during KKN time, i wasn't really leave my nail-thingy at home.

Of course i brought em along with me at the suburbs hahaha
I've already imagined that it's gonna be a boring-month-ever in my life if i really spent my one-precious-holiday-month at the village without any nail polish, hang out around, and TV!
So i decided to take some-me-times for havin' my nail polished, and also take some free time with my friends, family, and boyfie :p

I can't explaine each of my activity, so lemme show you some shoots i had and i letcha read the story i had in each picture ;)

This is how i spent my holiday with...

And my Instagram pictures shows some other part of KKN i spent to hang out around and havin some sweeties :)

And this is the details and pictures from my KKN friend, Winda, she had sucha little nails and also hands.
She really love to have a different design of nailarts.
And also mine, of course, hahaha
I had some new colors last month.
I got light yellow color from Revlon and soft blue from Faceshop. Lovely overload!

My nails are using  : Blue base color from The FaceShop,
Winda's left hand   : Creme color from The Faceshop with black dots color from Strawberry,
Winda's right hand : Creme color from The Faceshop with Cherry Red accent from The Faceshop.

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