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Daisy Nails for My Blooming September

"The flowers that bloom in the spring,
Breathe promise of merry sunshine
As we merrily dance and we sing,
We welcome the hope that they bring,
Of a summer of roses and wine,
And that's what we mean when we say that a thing
Is welcome as flowers that bloom in the spring..."

I cant belive it's September already and i've been in my 3rd year of studying architecture here.
And to start this new semester freshly, i wanna make my nails kinda flowering!
Since i get kind of nail-painting-addiction, i insist not to use any nail sticker but i wanna paint the flower by myself.

For the color, ummm, i think i still in love with pastel and pale colors.
and since i need some fresh touches, i decided give some yellow and pink here.
but i a lil bit confuse to choose the base color, i really want jaded and lily (it's mint and light purple) but i dont want to combine it at the same time, sooooo..
i make it in different time, first i make my daisy nails with Lily by Revlon .. it's sooooo calm and settle.
I really like it but i think it's still fresh-less, you know the color is too dreary.. it's kind of toneless..
but actually, overall, i loveeeee it !

Here my Lily Daisy Nails...

What i use to make my Lily Daisy Nails:
Base & Top Coat by Revlon | Lily by Revlon | Jaded by Revlon | Soft Pink by Face Shop | White by Stroberry

so, whatcha think? i think my Lily isn't that bad, it's just too toneless to call it "fresh-start"
and for the comparison, here, i proudly show you this!
My Jaded Daisy Nails...

What i use to make my Jaded Daisy Nails:
Base & Top Coat by Revlon | Jaded by Revlon | Electric Yellow by Revlon | Soft Pink by Face Shop | White by Stroberry

And this time i also make a simple step-by-step tutorial for you to make kinda this Daisy Nails just like mine :D
So, are you interested? Here are the Step-by-Step..

1. Apply the Base Coat and after 3 minutes it dries, apply the nail polish
    that you want to make it as the base color for your daisy nails.
2. Make the petals by a dotting tool, the size is up to you, but i prefer to
    make the little cute one, so in one nail i can make 2-3 flowers.
3. While waiting for the petals dry, make the white dots arround the flowers
    to fill the void at the nails. I used the smallest dotting tools to make the
    white dots.
4. After the petals dry, make the flower stalks in the midle of the petals.
    the pink-yellow colors are beyond adorable awww :D
5. For the FINISH touch, apply the Top Coat, i'm using Revlon's Top
    Coat. Still the best one i've ever try.

So, What do you think is the best? Or you just love both of them? eheheheh :p
Dont waste your time not to make it, girls.
Make one of it at your nails! Let em bring the flowers into your nails so you can feel the spring tide just by seeing your nails!
Happy September! <3

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