Sabtu, 22 September 2012

Mr. Tuxedo and Ms. Collar

My nails are oftenly seen with many kinds of cute and colourful nailart .
but it's very rarely for them to look neat and classy.
wait, neat and classy? like what? dressed em with shirt and gave it a little touch of expensive perfume maybe? hahahaha
NO, NO! i would not spray expensive perfume on my nails. And would not put any clothe on it, but what would i do with them?
much better than that, i'll put tuxedos and collar-ed dress with some buttons.

what would they look like?
anyone curious with this romantic couples on my nails?
here they areeeee.. Mr. Tuxedos and Ms. Collars are classy enough to be all matchy matchy and walking along enjoying their-nowhere-dates :D

Some people questioned the pink-touch on my Tuxedo and Collar nails, like, why pink? suchan annoying pink why dont you just use black and white only, and my favorite question, where do you get the idea to put that pink color as the buttons and bows?

If you are really curious with that, lemme explain that..
that pink touch for the Tuxedos i got from one of SNSD Paparazzi costumes, when they wear black and white tuxedo then they have the shocking pink gloves, that's inspire me to put some pink touches for the black and white combinations.. (do you understand now? the point is snsd will always inspire me :p) hehehehe

And now, as usual, i've made some step-by-step-wanna-be tutorials for you girls..
sorry if my step-by-step making never get any better each post hahaha
i really have no idea how to make it clear enough to be followed :p



are they clear enough so you can make it also at home, girls? i hope so.. i really have nooo idea how to make the better one -_____-
so, have your nails neat and classy enough for their date? good luck on making your own Mr. Tuxedo and Ms. Collar :)

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  1. I love how your construct your tutorials. They're neat, clear and creative! :) ^____^ This Tuxedo art is fab! :)


  2. @Maggie : wow thaaanks! That's really a very kind of you, i'll make time to visit ur blog too ^^