Minggu, 09 September 2012

Think Pink

22th years ago, a woman that now i call mom always wondered to have a baby girl.
She imagined how cute it's gonna be if she could have someone to be dressed, went to salon together, played the hair, and had a gossip before sleeping together.
And since that time she always hope that she would have a girl, not a baby boy.
She did that, think pink! And tadaaa! i'm here to grant her wish, heheheheheh :p

As a girl, i love pink too. I make my room as pink as i can. And when i was a little girl i always wondered to have a pink car but dunno why i dont think so now :p
I prefer 'normal' colour anyway.. hahahaha But that wont reduce my love to pink! I still buy and make anything around me in pink colour.

So does my nails.. I have 3 kind of pink in my nail polish collections. It's dark pink or kinda magenta.. pink.. and baby pink or pastel pink.. I just can't avoid pink nail polishes everytime i see it at the stores. When i see kind of pink colour that i haven't yet, i'll just grab it.

And one of the pink nail polish that being my favorite is baby pink from The Face Shop.
The colour is soooo cute. It's not too dark or too light.
It's just adequate, i love it!

So, in my spare time, i found a pink lace sticker for nails at the bottom of my collection.
Because i was too bored to do anything so i just make my nails up to boost my mood up too.
And i choose my Baby Pink from Face Shop to beautify my nails, and voila!
It's just beyond adorable ;)

Just like my mommy, i wish that one day i'll have a cute baby girl.
i just can't resist my imagination about how lovely it is to decorate the whole room with pink colour and preparing pink baby clothes.. hihi :D

So, is there anyone of you wanna have a baby girl just like me? Let's think pink ;)

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  1. how did you get the lace on your nails? pretty pink nails.