Senin, 29 Oktober 2012

Halloween Nails: I Hope They Don't Scare You.

It's just a couple days until Halloween. After realizing all that, i was trying to make a halloween nails. This year is the first time i did it. I've never made any halloween mani before, you know i never thought to make my nails look creepy. Ewww -___- 
But this year i'm really tempted to make one, because i see so many nailarts bloggers did the same. So i was very excited to participate as well :D

Anyway, i've told you i never want to make my nails look scary. And worse than that, losing their beauty, hahaha, just kidding! The point is i wanna keep em with the atmosphere of halloween but still cute. So the idea is, halloween thingy with cheerful and pastel colour.

Because i never did such thing like this before, i think my first trial is kinda failed.
My idea for my left hand is spider web, jack o'lantern, and casper. Also with some pinky sparkling to show the fun side of halloween party.
And for the right hand, i made it with frankenstein concept with a dark sky with some stars. And also the pinky sparkling to make it look pretty (i cant resist the pink sparkling :p)..
So here they are....

Because of my dissatisfaction with my first trial, so i decided to make it one more time with the same atmosphere but different application in the design.
For my left hand i kept the first concept, but without casper (sorry buddy), and the party atmosphere isn't made with the sparkling but i decided to apply bright colors on the entire left nails. So they're not gonna be look creepy but cheerful, just like what i want :D
And for the right hand, i keep the frankenstein concept, i mean, only Mr. Frank and his stitched face. And i applied pastel green and purple (it means mint and lilac colour) for him. And to made it not look scary, i try to make a 'cheerful' frankenstein on my finger nails, hahahahaha.
So here they are my second trial!

I hope my nails wont scare you :p
So, what concept do you use for your halloween nails?
Let's dressed up and scare everyone!
Anyway, i dont make the tutorial for this mani for a purpose. I want to make it as a mistery. I'm sure you can do it as well!

Happy Halloween everyone!
trick or treat? ;)

Kamis, 25 Oktober 2012

Guest Post

Today i'm not going to post my nailarts, like what i usually did before, this is a guest post by my nailart bloggers friend from Romania named Andrea.
We just knew each other but i instanly know that she has sucha great passion in nailart, just like mine :D 
She's a very pleasant and nice woman. You have to look at her blog, she has a very well arranged photos and sentences, and of course her very beautiful nail art and details. This is the link to see her pretty nailarts on her blog --> Colour Your Life

And for this post, i'll let you to know her better by read the results of a little interviews bellow that we do each other a couple days ago.. ;)

(Anyway, you can find mine on her blog --> HERE)

When and why did you made a blog?

I made my blog about a year ago with the concept to share my passion with other fellow bloggers and people who love nail art and polishes
How did you get into nail art?
I always liked to paint my nails; I loved to try out different techniques and followed specific sites and blogs to learn more about it. Someday I thought to study to become a professional manicurist, but I changed my mind and now I am an advertising designer. All in all I don’t remember how old I was when I started to be passionate about it, maybe about 4 or 5 years ago and this way nail art became my biggest hobby.
What are your favorite brands to use?
This is an easy question, because I don’t have a favorite brand. I try and buy any kind of polish what catches my eye. When the quality of the product, whatever brand may be, is good I buy it again, if not, I leave it. I am not a brand collector, I just love polishes :)
How big is your polish collection and how much do you spend for this passion? 
Well my collection gets bigger as the days go by. I never counted how many polishes I have, maybe 70-80 until now, I just know that I don’t have enough space for them. When a polish get’s thicker I throw it away, so a new one can take her place.
How much do I spend for this passion?

Well, I am not buying daily or weekly a polish, brush or other nail art product, I try to restrain myself as much as possible, but I have to say sometimes I cannot do it, my passion is too big.
Where did you get the ideas for your nail art?
First of all from other nail art bloggers, than clothing patterns, pictures on the internet, colors, shapes anything can be inspiring for a new nail design.
Do you ever go to nail salons for a manicure?
Last year I received from a friend a voucher for a manicure and pedicure, that was the last time I went in a nail salon. I like to do my nails myself.
What's your favorite manicure that you ever made?
I love the results I obtained by a few of my manicures, like the splatter mani, the Marilyn Monroe, caviar and the colorful dotted manicures.
Soooo, what do you think?
I think she's so talented and her nailarts are fabulous with so many pretty details.
Have a great day and nice to know you, Andrea! :D

Minggu, 21 Oktober 2012

Braided Nails

I've been being so curious about making a braid.
Since when i was a little girl i always ask my grandma (because my mom can't did any kind of braid and tail) to do my hair. And she like to made my hair braided.
Jusk like the other girls, i loved it!
And recently, on nails blog, tumblr, pinterest, and some instagram's pages, i often see a braid inspired nail.
From what i've learned, it usually needs at least 3 colours of nail polishes.
And it usually just done on thumb and ring-finger.
Because if you apply the braid on all of your nails, they're gonna be seen so 'crowded' and some flaws may make it even worse.
So, because this is my first trial of it, i make the braid only on my thumbs and ring-fingers..

And as usual, i made the step by step.. and also as usual, i've already done with my nails so i made it on a paper.. i hope it's clear enough to see :)

Can you make one to on your nails?
It needs patient and a-really-really-careful left hand to make it.
That's why i also make it only on my four fingers, and for the other six, i choose (again and again) my favorite colours, Jaded from Revlon. This mint colour just toooo good on my nails, at least that's what i think hahaha
you can use glitters and lining to hide the flaws if you can't make it as tidy as what you've seen..
maybe next time i will make the example for the lining and also glitters, just wait ;)

Rabu, 17 Oktober 2012

Oh, Oh My Nails Saranghae!

"Oh oh oh oh ppareul saranghae
Ah ah ah ah manhi manhihae..."

for every SONE, these must be very familiar lyrics.
Oh! is one of Girls' Generation's best song ever.
They also make the japanese version, the song, the lyrics, and the video are quiet similar with the korean one but the girl's look quiet different. They look more mature than in previous versions of the video. 
Although the concept is similar, in this latest video, they look much prettier in a much simpler makeup and hair-do.

If you watch the japanese version video, there isn't so much canges. The concept of both videos are about a group of cheerleaders who dance and sing cheerfully in a room and kinda indoor sport field. 
They use two kinds of costumes, they're baseball jackets combined with mini pants and mini dress cheerleader costume.
And about the differences, you can see the colors are changed alot. The costumes that they wear and the color of the interior are so different from the first video. Baseball jacket that was dominated with pink, as well as an interior that was dominated with pink and blue, now they're dominated with dark navy blue for the jacket and red for the interior.

And as usual, i try it up onto my nails. I just can resist their charm and the way i addicted to nail painting, i just can stop to try and try every design for my nails, hehehe.
So, for the trial i choose Oh! Japanese version's concept.
And i think i did it quiet well :p

So, Watcha think?
i think i love my nails more,
oh oh oh oh, my nails saranghae! :D