Minggu, 21 Oktober 2012

Braided Nails

I've been being so curious about making a braid.
Since when i was a little girl i always ask my grandma (because my mom can't did any kind of braid and tail) to do my hair. And she like to made my hair braided.
Jusk like the other girls, i loved it!
And recently, on nails blog, tumblr, pinterest, and some instagram's pages, i often see a braid inspired nail.
From what i've learned, it usually needs at least 3 colours of nail polishes.
And it usually just done on thumb and ring-finger.
Because if you apply the braid on all of your nails, they're gonna be seen so 'crowded' and some flaws may make it even worse.
So, because this is my first trial of it, i make the braid only on my thumbs and ring-fingers..

And as usual, i made the step by step.. and also as usual, i've already done with my nails so i made it on a paper.. i hope it's clear enough to see :)

Can you make one to on your nails?
It needs patient and a-really-really-careful left hand to make it.
That's why i also make it only on my four fingers, and for the other six, i choose (again and again) my favorite colours, Jaded from Revlon. This mint colour just toooo good on my nails, at least that's what i think hahaha
you can use glitters and lining to hide the flaws if you can't make it as tidy as what you've seen..
maybe next time i will make the example for the lining and also glitters, just wait ;)

4 komentar :

  1. It's really pretty, I love the pastel colors you used - did one myself pretty similar :)
    Please remove the word verification, a lot of people (including me) does not comment on blogs with it turned on, just send me an email if you need help...

  2. Great choice of colors and design! I want to make this manicure for quite some time! Have a great day and yes, Maria is right remove the word verification!

  3. @ Maria: Thanks! :D but yeah, i dont undertand how to do it before, but i've try to remove the word verification, is it still there now?

    @Andrea: Thanks alot andrea! Hmm try to make this manicure! I really love it, cant wait to see one on your page too ;)