Kamis, 11 Oktober 2012

Cross Cross by Check Check

Last month my friend celebrated her 21st birthday and her friend gave her a set of Check Check Nail Kit by Face Shop.
Ew so lucky! And she got confused how to make a nail-art by those transparent nail polishes.
That's why yesterday she brought it up with her when she came and sleep-over at my home.
And after check the whole package of it, we could find the user guide there. Just right behind the package -__-

Because it was also the first time for me to make that kind of nail-art (okay it's nail-painting again also) and also the first time i was using that kind of nail polish. I've never used any kind of transparent nail polish before.
So i was just following the guide. It's my nails, Icha's, and also Tiki's nails that became my experiment last night.
But yeaaaay, i did it (almost) well. It looks good but a little bit awfull in some parts. You should know how hard it was to make the crossing patterns.
And it was really late when i tried to paint those nails, the hardest part was when i had to hold my drowsiness huhu

Luckily, the nails were done well!

Happy birthday again, Icha! Maybe it was my personal birthday gift for you, special nail-art, made with full of struggle! :p

And as always, i also make the step-by-step but i dont think it's clear enough. I just hope you can understand and try the better one on your nails :)

before you start the steps, i remind you that i was using white nail polish as the base colour so the transparent colours look better.
1. apply the colour line by line. it takes so much patient so i hope
    you have thousands of it to make the straight one.
2. make an opposite directioned line after the base colour dried.
3-4-5. make the other opposite directioned lines on it until the whole base lines covered.

p.s. it was really hard to make my right nails with my left hand. pffftt

4 komentar :

  1. I would never thought that such kind of kit exists :) The final result looks great on both of your nails! Love the step by step tutorial and pictures. I will share this on Facebook!

  2. Wow Thanksss, I'm so flattered :"")
    yeaa, these transparent nail polishes should be on your must-try list ;)

  3. Your blog is so great! I love your naildesigns! I have some on my blog too if you want to see them :)


  4. Thank you! I adore yours too, your blog is so inspiring :)