Senin, 29 Oktober 2012

Halloween Nails: I Hope They Don't Scare You.

It's just a couple days until Halloween. After realizing all that, i was trying to make a halloween nails. This year is the first time i did it. I've never made any halloween mani before, you know i never thought to make my nails look creepy. Ewww -___- 
But this year i'm really tempted to make one, because i see so many nailarts bloggers did the same. So i was very excited to participate as well :D

Anyway, i've told you i never want to make my nails look scary. And worse than that, losing their beauty, hahaha, just kidding! The point is i wanna keep em with the atmosphere of halloween but still cute. So the idea is, halloween thingy with cheerful and pastel colour.

Because i never did such thing like this before, i think my first trial is kinda failed.
My idea for my left hand is spider web, jack o'lantern, and casper. Also with some pinky sparkling to show the fun side of halloween party.
And for the right hand, i made it with frankenstein concept with a dark sky with some stars. And also the pinky sparkling to make it look pretty (i cant resist the pink sparkling :p)..
So here they are....

Because of my dissatisfaction with my first trial, so i decided to make it one more time with the same atmosphere but different application in the design.
For my left hand i kept the first concept, but without casper (sorry buddy), and the party atmosphere isn't made with the sparkling but i decided to apply bright colors on the entire left nails. So they're not gonna be look creepy but cheerful, just like what i want :D
And for the right hand, i keep the frankenstein concept, i mean, only Mr. Frank and his stitched face. And i applied pastel green and purple (it means mint and lilac colour) for him. And to made it not look scary, i try to make a 'cheerful' frankenstein on my finger nails, hahahahaha.
So here they are my second trial!

I hope my nails wont scare you :p
So, what concept do you use for your halloween nails?
Let's dressed up and scare everyone!
Anyway, i dont make the tutorial for this mani for a purpose. I want to make it as a mistery. I'm sure you can do it as well!

Happy Halloween everyone!
trick or treat? ;)

4 komentar :

  1. What an original manicure. Yes, your second attempt is much better than the first one. Love your pictures, I can not say this enough :)! Have a great Halloween if you celebrate this event!

  2. I love your halloween mani too, Andrea! Adorable as always :) yeah, happy halloween too for you! >:D

  3. :)) they are so funny, not at all scarry! For the first atempt i like better the left hand. For the second atempt i like both hands :D

    1. Thanksss, Aby! I love my second one also, and Happy Halloween for you there! :D