Rabu, 17 Oktober 2012

Oh, Oh My Nails Saranghae!

"Oh oh oh oh ppareul saranghae
Ah ah ah ah manhi manhihae..."

for every SONE, these must be very familiar lyrics.
Oh! is one of Girls' Generation's best song ever.
They also make the japanese version, the song, the lyrics, and the video are quiet similar with the korean one but the girl's look quiet different. They look more mature than in previous versions of the video. 
Although the concept is similar, in this latest video, they look much prettier in a much simpler makeup and hair-do.

If you watch the japanese version video, there isn't so much canges. The concept of both videos are about a group of cheerleaders who dance and sing cheerfully in a room and kinda indoor sport field. 
They use two kinds of costumes, they're baseball jackets combined with mini pants and mini dress cheerleader costume.
And about the differences, you can see the colors are changed alot. The costumes that they wear and the color of the interior are so different from the first video. Baseball jacket that was dominated with pink, as well as an interior that was dominated with pink and blue, now they're dominated with dark navy blue for the jacket and red for the interior.

And as usual, i try it up onto my nails. I just can resist their charm and the way i addicted to nail painting, i just can stop to try and try every design for my nails, hehehe.
So, for the trial i choose Oh! Japanese version's concept.
And i think i did it quiet well :p

So, Watcha think?
i think i love my nails more,
oh oh oh oh, my nails saranghae! :D

4 komentar :

  1. Oh, oh, cute nails :) Love the photos, they are beautiful. What kind of camera do you use?

  2. Thaanksss, Andrea :D i use my blackberry torch's camera for my nails photos. What about yours?

  3. What a cute nails!! OMG I just love how original all your nails!! Every photo's you take, are so damn beautiful, professional, and so girly. I really love your blog. And I more happy when I know that you'r a sone, ohh my fella sone~ Aigooo~ :D
    And oh, I'm just a newbie in nails world actually, but I have a huge sense and passion of Nail art! Hope you can see my blog someday, unni~ Tehee~ :)

    1. Hello dear, thanks alot for ur sweet words and of course it's really nice to meet another nailarts lovers and sone in the same time :D i've visited ur blog for couple times, i think it's a good job and u should keep doing it! <3