Jumat, 05 Oktober 2012

Play With Colours: Nail Painting Addiction Continues

Hello October!
time flies faster than i thought, seriously, seems like it's just yesterday i celebrate my 21st birthday hahaha
and it's october already now.

Lately, i really love to play with colours and paint em on my nails without stickers or anything like that.
and this time i also make a nailart-painting or you can call it nail-painting.
i still use some pastel colours (as usual) and use black nail polish for some firmly touches.
maybe if you already read my previous post you may find the identical post with this one,
the post tittled 'Tell Me Your Wish', where i make a pastelized nail-painting with pastel colours too but no black, i was using white dots to combine the colours.
soooo, to make it different with that post, i decided to use the different colours and black touch here..

Let's play with colours!

Step-By-Step :
(you can see it at the previous post anyway, you can see it here also --> Tell Me Your Wish)

So, how are they?
Which one do you prefer, the one with white dots or black dots?
I think i love both of them, it's always hard for me to choose which one is my favorite from the whole nailarts i've ever made :p

But honestly i love how i play with the black colour.
i feel different with the previous one, it looks stronger, firm, and kinda vigorous heheheh
so, do you dare to play with the colours on your nails too? ;)

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  1. Hi. I am your newest follower and I am very happy that I found your blog. Your very creative, talented and I love your nails, pictures and design of this page. OK, all in all, I love everything about this blog :) I am very anxious to see your newest creation. If you would like sometime, you cold make a guest post on my blog, this way you will get new followers. Just think about it and look up for my blog! Have a great day.

  2. Hello, i really flattered to hear it. And i've contact you by email to ask about the rules and conditions, thank you^^

  3. Hi my fella sone, hehehe.. I'm your new follower, your new fan, and I hope, I can be your new friend too cuz you'r like, err.. how to say.. my inspiration.. Hehee You'r the 1st blog that I followed.. :)
    I'm sooooooooo in love with your blog, all about your freakin awesome nails stuff!! All of them are beautiful, creative, and so original. You'r so talented girl that make me want to paint my nails like you did. So, where I can find about your tutorial? Do you have any? Please link me or something. Hehee.. Thank you and have a nice day. Can't wait for your new nails.. :)