Minggu, 25 November 2012

Katy Mani: Purr Inspired Nails

A few days ago i just realized that i had run out of my perfume stocks. I had been thinking that the perfumes are still quite a lot for the next few months, but it turned out that i didnt realize that perfumes are long gone and stayed only a few drops left.. hahaha so pity -___- 

Then when I decided to restock it, one of my daily perfume is no longer produced and had been sold a few months ago. It's Olla Ramlan's 'The Woman', she is indonesian actress anyway. And because it's sold out and no longer produced, i was seeking for my other daily fragrances, 'Lovely' and 'Covet' by Sarah Jessica Parker. Dont know why, i just love both and i dont think i can choose one of it.
And suddenly my eyes catched a purple gift box in the corner of the display, it was Katy Perry's 'Purr' and it was the gift package edition. It was containing perfume, roll on, hand body, and shower gel.

Hmmm, since I really liked the scent i just bought it and guess what, I really.. crayzey like it! hahaha
Its sweet scent makes you feel like pouring vanilla and a pool of sweeteners onto your body hahaha since that time, i'm really enjoying my shower hour. Bath with the shower gel, using the hand body, and then sprayed its perfume into my shirt and the rest of my car :p

Anyway, since i really really really like my new fragrance, and the package is just really really pretty, i make a new mani inspired by Katy's costume on the package. The pinkish and also metalic purple with leopard printed on it. Really catchy and challenge me to make one like it.

And this is it.. my Katy Mani!
i also add 'Purr' word on my thumb and kitten silhouette on my ring finger :D

The More The Marryier (Part 2): Lacey Lace

This week is sucha hard time for my college life since there're so many deadlines.
But finally i can make my time to do a post :D

This is my second mani that using O.P.I. polish from The More The Marryier package. But for this attemp, i'm using only 1 colour, Sweet Heart, the sweetest pastel pink from O.P.I. and really melt my heart :"">
For the sweety touches i'm using Dotting Pen from FaceShop, i really love it lately. Really! It helps me alot to paint anything on my nails even for every single mini detail.
And i named my mani this time as Lacey Lace because i make a very simple lace on my nails, really simple one. And later after that i feel like there's somethin 'missed' there. So i put some hearts there. Really full of love this time, right? hehehe

Here they are! My lacey mani..

You can also see the colour before i add some laces. This OPI Sweetheart is just too pretty, isn't it? I dont even think i need to add anything on it before. Lovely!

And this is my mani after i add some hearts on it..
p.s: they are really sweet and heart-melting, make sure your boyfriend wont be jealous if you love them :p

So, what do you think? Which one is best for this Sweet Heart polish? the first before i add some hearts or after i add em? Or maybe the one before i paint anything on it? :p
i hope you can also make one, because i dont have time (and also still can do any tutorial video) i hope you can make your very own lace mani ;)

Senin, 19 November 2012

The More The Marryier (Part 1): Layer By Layer

A few weeks ago, along with my OPI Bond-ettes package, my friend Lalaluna also sent another package.
Its name is The More The Marryier by OPI. There is only one word that can describe the contents of this package, they are.. mesmerizing! 
I really like its color combination.. They are well suited to be combined with each other. 
My favorite one is the adorable pink named Sweet Heart.

Aww i talked a lot, until i forgot to explain you all about the contents of this package hahaha 

There are 4 bottles in this package, which contains 3 different colours and one top coat.
The colours are:
- Alpine Snow
- Princess Rules
- Sweet Heart

and a top coat that its inside is RapidDry Top Coat by OPI.

I made ​​2 mani at a time (because i'm tooooo excited!), and in this post i will show you one my work and this one is my first trial on using this polishes.

In this mani I made it with all the colours from this package. 
And for the finishing i used RapidDry Top Coat.
Here is it, welcoming my new baby mani! :D

This mani is so simple yet easy to make.
You just need to apply Alpine Snow as the base colour, then apply Sweet Heart on half of your nails.. and after that use Princess Rule as the last layer on the tip of the nails.
Last, use RapidDry Top Coat :)

Sabtu, 17 November 2012

My Polkie Dolkie November

It's already in the middle of november. Seems like time run faster than i thought. And i have soooo many waiting lists for my blog post. Because my internet connection down really often this last couple days but in the other hand i kept making nailarts, so that's why it happened -___-
For this post, i just choose randomly from my 'upcoming post' folder.. and ta-daaa! My polkadots nails post was choosen. So here it is!

If you see this post you may think it's just a common dots with pastel colours just like what i usually did. But if you notice, i make the dots and the base colour by some pastel colours. Not only one or two but three, baby pink, lilac, and white. As far as i can remember, i've never did something like this before. And this time, i make the dots smaller than what i always did. Do you realize it? :D

Here they are my baby-mani for my november, polkie-dolkie!

I make this mani as simple as.. it's like.. umm how to say it? The point is this time i want to make a really simple mani but i still can enjoy the colour and how the dots perfectly spreaded on every nail. And i think i did it, because i can stand with this mani for couple days (almost more than a week) without thinking to change it.. hehehe
Because sometime, the most precious design is the simplest one. It's not about how much you spent for the polishes, or how complicated your design is.. it's all about the happy and joy feeling everytime you make your nails. It's too priceless to be payed with anything ;)

Senin, 12 November 2012

Bonded with The Skyfall

I never think that i'll have any interest into gleaming and glittering nail polish.
But last couple weeks, O.P.I. just launched its new minis series, mesmerizing minis package inspired by James Bond new film titled 'Skyfall'.
This mini bond-ettes consist of 4 fabulous nail polishes, they are:
The Spy Who Loved Me
The World Is Not Enough
Live And Let Die

I dont know why, but after read some reviews about this minis series on the internet, i really curious to have it. Unlike other ordinary nail polish, they look preferred and 'posh'.
So, i decided to get one. And because O.P.I. products are difficult to be found in my town, i ordered em from my friends, Lalaluna, at Surabaya. And after 2 days, these babies came to my house and i tried em up on my nails just righ taway after they arrived, hahahaha :D

I tried The Spy Who Loved Me as the base colour on my nails, combined with Live And Let Die..

And for my toes, i used GoldenEye on my left toes and The World Is Not Enough on my right ones.
Somehow, i really love how these polishes faintly twinkling if i bring it closer to the light.
So, O.P.I. Minis Bond-ettes Skyfall, Loved: confirmed!

Rabu, 07 November 2012

Welcoming The Newlyweds

"Success in marriage does not come merely through finding the right mate, but through being the right mate." - Barnett R. Brickner

Somehow, it feels like everyone's growing up so fast, get a job, and married to someone. And i'm still here hahaha
But in the other hand, i feel so happy and touched everytime i attend at someone's wedding and hear how they sincerely promised to be faithful to each other.
And in last couple months, i attended 2 wedding ceremonies which are a little bit different. The first one, it was my friend's sister's wedding. It was a moslem-javanese wedding. So there's no wedding ceremony at the church. And the second one, it was just last week (but it really suck that i cant post my nails since my internet connection at my house was in trouble for a week) and it was also javanese wedding but it was devided into two session of party. First is the international style wedding which was held at the church with balloons and pigeons. And at the night they held a javanese traditional party with flowers, batik, and other traditional equipments.

And as you can all guess, of course i did my nails as match as possible with the dress that i wore.
At the first wedding, i wore kinda red and gold javanese traditional dress called 'kebaya'.. so i made my nails with red base colour with some gold touches. And i also put a flower as the symbol of javanese traditional wedding that use soooo many flowers. I really love it <3

These were my nails, for my friend's sister's wedding..

And this was the second wedding that i attended. My cousin's wedding last week. It was so touchy that in the middle of the party my aunt sang a song for him and at the end of the song she said 'everything's changed, like how it always does, but you will always be my little boy' while there was a photo slides at that showed my cousins's photos since when he was a baby until when he was an elementary student. My aunt said, she was wished she could keep her son at that age forever. It was a very touching moment and seems like everyone's trying to keep their tears :""")

For this party, i put metalic green and gold touches to make it matches well with my batik dress and kebaya. Because both of it have green as the dominant colour. And the gold and flowers, i used it as the symbol, just like my previous mani..

And anyway these were my nails for my cousin's wedding!
and of course, some pictures of me at the party ;)