Senin, 12 November 2012

Bonded with The Skyfall

I never think that i'll have any interest into gleaming and glittering nail polish.
But last couple weeks, O.P.I. just launched its new minis series, mesmerizing minis package inspired by James Bond new film titled 'Skyfall'.
This mini bond-ettes consist of 4 fabulous nail polishes, they are:
The Spy Who Loved Me
The World Is Not Enough
Live And Let Die

I dont know why, but after read some reviews about this minis series on the internet, i really curious to have it. Unlike other ordinary nail polish, they look preferred and 'posh'.
So, i decided to get one. And because O.P.I. products are difficult to be found in my town, i ordered em from my friends, Lalaluna, at Surabaya. And after 2 days, these babies came to my house and i tried em up on my nails just righ taway after they arrived, hahahaha :D

I tried The Spy Who Loved Me as the base colour on my nails, combined with Live And Let Die..

And for my toes, i used GoldenEye on my left toes and The World Is Not Enough on my right ones.
Somehow, i really love how these polishes faintly twinkling if i bring it closer to the light.
So, O.P.I. Minis Bond-ettes Skyfall, Loved: confirmed!

4 komentar :

  1. glad you love the colors, dear :love:
    the colors are so pretty, my fav is golden eye :)

    1. Hehe of courseeee, they're so adorable!
      my favorite is The Spy Who Love Me, it's sucha mesmerizing glittering red :D

  2. I didn't saw the movie yet, but the polishes are gorgeous, love them all! Cute pictures, again, your very talented, I can not say this enough :)

    1. Same here, Andi! hehe i didnt saw it too, but i planned to watch it soon :D
      Thankss alot you're so sweet and i'm so flattered, yours are beautiful too!