Sabtu, 17 November 2012

My Polkie Dolkie November

It's already in the middle of november. Seems like time run faster than i thought. And i have soooo many waiting lists for my blog post. Because my internet connection down really often this last couple days but in the other hand i kept making nailarts, so that's why it happened -___-
For this post, i just choose randomly from my 'upcoming post' folder.. and ta-daaa! My polkadots nails post was choosen. So here it is!

If you see this post you may think it's just a common dots with pastel colours just like what i usually did. But if you notice, i make the dots and the base colour by some pastel colours. Not only one or two but three, baby pink, lilac, and white. As far as i can remember, i've never did something like this before. And this time, i make the dots smaller than what i always did. Do you realize it? :D

Here they are my baby-mani for my november, polkie-dolkie!

I make this mani as simple as.. it's like.. umm how to say it? The point is this time i want to make a really simple mani but i still can enjoy the colour and how the dots perfectly spreaded on every nail. And i think i did it, because i can stand with this mani for couple days (almost more than a week) without thinking to change it.. hehehe
Because sometime, the most precious design is the simplest one. It's not about how much you spent for the polishes, or how complicated your design is.. it's all about the happy and joy feeling everytime you make your nails. It's too priceless to be payed with anything ;)

4 komentar :

  1. i love polka dots, i think you can't go wrong with polka-mani.. :)

    1. Couldn't agree more, i never get enough polka-mani.. i always make it again and again ;p

  2. Very cute looking mani. Love that you put different kind of base colors on each nail!