Minggu, 25 November 2012

The More The Marryier (Part 2): Lacey Lace

This week is sucha hard time for my college life since there're so many deadlines.
But finally i can make my time to do a post :D

This is my second mani that using O.P.I. polish from The More The Marryier package. But for this attemp, i'm using only 1 colour, Sweet Heart, the sweetest pastel pink from O.P.I. and really melt my heart :"">
For the sweety touches i'm using Dotting Pen from FaceShop, i really love it lately. Really! It helps me alot to paint anything on my nails even for every single mini detail.
And i named my mani this time as Lacey Lace because i make a very simple lace on my nails, really simple one. And later after that i feel like there's somethin 'missed' there. So i put some hearts there. Really full of love this time, right? hehehe

Here they are! My lacey mani..

You can also see the colour before i add some laces. This OPI Sweetheart is just too pretty, isn't it? I dont even think i need to add anything on it before. Lovely!

And this is my mani after i add some hearts on it..
p.s: they are really sweet and heart-melting, make sure your boyfriend wont be jealous if you love them :p

So, what do you think? Which one is best for this Sweet Heart polish? the first before i add some hearts or after i add em? Or maybe the one before i paint anything on it? :p
i hope you can also make one, because i dont have time (and also still can do any tutorial video) i hope you can make your very own lace mani ;)

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  1. lovely pattern. I prefer the second one, with the little hearts!

  2. What could I say absolutely gorgeous and dainty. Thanks for following me. Following you now on both GFC and bloglovin.

  3. Oh my, so cuteeeee..... I don't have the patience to do that hahaha great job!


  4. nice amazing blog :)


  5. your nail art was sooo sweet :)
    anyway, want to follow each other? Post a comment in my blog if you done it and i will follow you back!


    1. Thanks dear :) i've visited ur page but cant find the link to follow you on GFC. If you dont mind you can just sent me the link to your GFC profile then i'll follow you, thanks ^^

  6. Wow, your nails are so long! Pretty :)
    I adore your blog, would you like to follow each other?

    1. Thank you dear, and yes, of course, i've followed yours :)